How Do You Know if That’s Actually You in the Mirror?

beardmirror  Have you ever seen one of those funhouse mirrors where, if you place your head just right, your reflection looks like you’re wearing a clown nose or a wild hat?

Have you ever stopped to think, though, that this is how we all try to manifest our desires, prior to learning to play “Grow a Greater You”?

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How Our Cat Reminded Us That Death Is a Very Effective Illusion

KatieforSquidoo3  On Monday, December 23rd, we said goodbye to a dear member of our family.  Our beloved cat, Katie.

Katie had cancer and after a surgery to remove a massive tumor, the tumor came back rapidly.  It quickly became obvious that helping Katie say goodbye to her body was the most loving thing we could do for her.  And during her transition, Katie showed me just how literal is the phrase: “We are spiritual beings having physical experiences”. Continue reading