Was That Zombie Wearing Mickey Mouse Ears?

zombie-reporter  I used to be terrified of zombies. Sometimes, after watching a zombie film (even as an adult), I would have trouble getting to sleep.

But after I spent a week around an entire city of the walking dead I actually learned to pity them. Fortunately, I’ve learned, the living dead don’t have to stay that way. I should know…I used to be one of them myself.

By the way, I was shocked to encounter 20,000-plus zombies and you’ll be shocked too, when I reveal where I saw them… (Click that Link to Tweet it) Continue reading

How You Can Be As Joyful As Dr. Amit Goswami Today

amit goswami  Theoretical quantum physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami, is one of my favorite authors.  He says that you can easily tell whether you are fully present in the pre-cognitive moment.  You will feel joy.

Where and When a Conscious Creator is Most Powerful

The pre-cognitive moment, you’ll remember, is the measurable fraction of a second between the time you place your awareness on the Continue reading

Do Things Really Happen “Like They’re Supposed To”?

Happen  Do things really happen “just like they’re supposed to”?

What if you don’t want what happens?  What if it’s terrible?

I don’t believe that we make unwanted things happen to us; I don’t believe they happen because we want them to.  We are not responsible for unwanted experiences in this manner.

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