Quantum Manifesting Is an Astonishing Gift From Future Humans to You

My 3 Series  My latest journey up the Emotional Reference Chart while continuing to play “Grow a Greater You” has absolutely blown my mind.

I am chronicling every step and will publish it all very soon.  This will be the first book which not only explains how to manifest, but also lets you walk every step with me as I grow and change and shows you, in real time, the actual manifestations as they happen.

The BMW pictured in this post?  That is a photo of the actual gorgeous driving machine I manifested this week and took my wife out to dinner in last night.  In the upcoming book you’ll watch me manifest it right in front of your eyes – seeing exactly how, what, why, when, and where!   Continue reading

Why Mark Twain Probably Built Some Awesome Snowmen

snowman  If you wake up on a January Saturday to find five inches of unexpected new snow on the ground which story is closer to the one you’d tell about it:

  • “Wow!  A magical winter wonderland.  I’ll see if I can get the kid next door to help me build a snowman today.”
  • “Are you freaking kidding me?  I have to shovel the driveway again?” Continue reading

Want to Finally Meet Your True, Actual Soulmate?

argue  Romantic relationships can be confusing. No matter how “together” you are in other areas of your life, they can confound you. Even very accomplished people, in other facets of their life, sometimes stumble when it comes to meaningful, long-term romantic relationships.

Yet finding your soul mate can done through deliberate creation.  Through simple quantum physics.  Continue reading