Hide and Seek Really Isn’t a Very Fun Game for You Anymore

Hide and Seek  When you play “Grow a Greater You”, it’s bound to happen.  Eventually you will be at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart regarding your beliefs about being worthy of a chosen desire.

And that means you’re reveling in the the full expression and experience of your desire, right?  Just as you’ve long dreamed.

But what if that’s not what happens?  Then what do you do? Continue reading

The Only Reason You Aren’t Playing Professional Basketball

Basketball player  You could absolutely play professional basketball in the NBA.

Without a doubt, you could play for the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, or Los Angeles Lakers.

Your salary demands won’t be outrageous.  The team will be happy to pay you the relatively small salary (compared to other NBA players, that is) you’re demanding of a mere $2 million/year.  And you’ll begin enjoying a level of financial abundance you’ve only dreamed about. Continue reading