How to Easily Create an Inspiring Volcano of Gratitude When You’re Dead Tired and Just Want to Go to Bed

worn out  I got home at 7 PM last night.  I was wiped out.

Before my sons and, more importantly, I could go to bed, however, I had the following chores which needed to be done (or supervised):

  • Dinner to serve to my boys
  • A sink full of dishes to do
  • Three school lunches to make
  • Three boys’ beds to make
  • Four baskets of laundry to fold

And my poor wife was ill and resting in bed.

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Why Bad Sushi Can Actually Provide You with Unexpected Opportunities

sushi  I was on the other side of someone’s bad-feeling beliefs the other day.  It wasn’t fun.

My son chose to celebrate his 17th birthday at our (formally) favorite restaurant – hiko-A-mon (A sushi restaurant in Eastern Louisville).

My wife and I were happy with his choice; we had dined there probably thirty times in the last year.  Unfortunately, we can no longer call this place our favorite.

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How My Newborn Son’s Near-Death Taught Me that We Can Always Choose Gratitude

baby boy  Seventeen years ago this morning, my (then) wife gave birth to our first son.  He was six weeks premature.

I caught a glimpse of him as the nurse whisked him to the delivery room table where the team gets babies breathing.  My wife and I waited, anxious to hold him.

But we heard no cries from our baby.

More nurses began to gather around the table and assist the doctor.  The team’s activity became more frantic; we could hear the concern in their voices.  Minutes passed, seeming like hours, but still we heard no sounds from our baby.

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