How to Make Certain You’re Not a Sucker

Learn  Have you ever heard that if you don’t know who the sucker at the poker table is, it’s you?

Well I never know who the sucker at the poker table is, so you can imagine how little I enjoy playing poker.

But I’ve got a friend, Jason, who loves poker.  In fact, even though he’s no professional, he recently went to Las Vegas and sat down at some pro-level poker tables. Continue reading

You Can End Your Search for the Elusive Magical Instructions You Always Thought You Needed

magical action  Quantum Physics tells us that our actions are not the most important things.  They are important, just not as important as…our feelings.

Is This Some Crazy New Age Nonsense?  My Feelings Are More Important Than My Actions?

This can be a difficult concept to believe, let alone embrace.  After all, don’t we all take actions every day to make things happen?  It’s Continue reading

How to Easily Create an Inspiring Volcano of Gratitude When You’re Dead Tired and Just Want to Go to Bed

worn out  I got home at 7 PM last night.  I was wiped out.

Before my sons and, more importantly, I could go to bed, however, I had the following chores which needed to be done (or supervised):

  • Dinner to serve to my boys
  • A sink full of dishes to do
  • Three school lunches to make
  • Three boys’ beds to make
  • Four baskets of laundry to fold

And my poor wife was ill and resting in bed.

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