You Should Be Using This Awesome Shortcut Too

shortcut  How many times have you experienced the following: With the passage of time, something that felt 100% horrible when it happened turned out to be just what you needed at the time?

If you’re like most people you’ve experienced this continually, throughout your life.  You’ve had enough experience with it to know that, very often, what you think is awful turns out to be the opposite.

What if I could teach you a shortcut to reaching that perspective?  What if you didn’t have to wait all that time before realizing, discovering, and getting the benefits of something that feels terrible right now turning out to be just what you need? Continue reading

Thank You For Casting Me in Your Awesome Movie

Greg as Oscar  I think I might win an Oscar.  Okay, this isn’t the “Oscar” I’m referring to, but that really is me.  Dressed up as Oscar the Grouch, from Sesame Street.

I hope to win the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.  And I believe I can.  Because I’m in thousands of movies. Continue reading