Want to Finally Meet Your True, Actual Soulmate?

argue  Romantic relationships can be confusing. No matter how “together” you are in other areas of your life, they can confound you. Even very accomplished people, in other facets of their life, sometimes stumble when it comes to meaningful, long-term romantic relationships.

Yet finding your soul mate can done through deliberate creation.  Through simple quantum physics.  Continue reading

Should You Really Expect to Sell Enormous Amounts of Cars?

Car Salesman  You that you live in a universe of energy.  You, and all other “things” are waves on this energy ocean.

You, however, possessing a consciousness, play the role of “creator of waves”.  You create waves by forming coherence with the rest of the energy ocean, which means that your energy becomes powerfully and completely in-synch with the quantum field.  Continue reading