How to Manifest Money by Getting the Universe to Pinch Your Bottom

Pennies  Want an awesome abundance game to play?  One that works, meaning it both puts you into an abundance mindset and it helps form coherence with financial abundance between you and the quantum field?

Find pennies.  Intentionally manifest them.

  • On the ground
  • In your pockets
  • In your car
  • On the sidewalk
  • Everywhere

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Why Huge Globs of Peanut Butter Are In Your Future

ants  Yesterday, walking a sidewalk in Old Louisville, I came across a huge glob of peanut butter.  It looked like someone dropped a LOADED, open-faced peanut butter sandwich and it landed face down.

I hoped the poor gal found another lunch.

Then, less than three feet away, there was a much smaller dollop of peanut butter.  Like peanut butter shrapnel from the original sandwich explosion.

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