Stop Manipulating and Start Creating

Dont Make It Happen  If you make circumstances occur, to have the experience you desire, you are not creating.

This will probably sound strange.  Manifesting $500,000 to experience abundance, security, worth, or importance is not “creating”; you will not create those desired experiences by making $500,000.  You will, in fact, re-create the undesirable experience of scarcity.

If you’ve been a student of the Law of Attraction, in fact, that may sound sacrilegious.  Making (or manifesting) $500,000 isn’t creating?  It won’t create the experience of abundance?  I don’t blame you for thinking I couldn’t be more wrong.

“Here – Take My $500,000.  It Didn’t Work!”

I agree that a large sum of money feels like abundance.  But only if I am already experiencing abundance first.  $500,000 is not capable of making me abundant, it is only capable of reflecting the abundance I’m already experiencing.

No person, place, things, or event is capable of creating a desired experience.  Because no person, place, thing, or event can reflect anything other than what I’m already experiencing, there is no way those reflections can change their source.

You’d never use a different mirror, for example, as your method to change your hairstyle.  Even if the new mirror distorted your reflection enough to change what you’re seeing, going to a new stylist is the only way to achieve a new hairstyle.

Manipulation Works With Marionettes, But Not Creating Desired Experiences

Manufacturing a person, place, thing, or event to have a desired experience is manipulation, not creation.  Manipulation re-creates scarcity because even if it delivers the desired experience, it does so with painful infrequency.  Manipulating experiences, instead of creating them, is like holding a trick mirror in the perfect spot so your reflection makes your desire appear.

But when you manipulate experiences, by intentionally making or using a person, place, thing, or event to make yourself have those desired experiences, it all goes away as soon as you move away from the mirror or change how you’re holding it.

The only way to truly create, instead of manipulate, is to align your beliefs with your desired experiences.  Aligning your beliefs changes them, which raises your experiences, slowly but surely, into alignment with what you desire.  As that happens, the people, places, things, and events transform in accord because can do nothing except reflect the experiences you’re already having.

Don’t Do Anything If the Purpose Is to Change Yourself By Doing It

So stop manipulating your desired experiences today:

  • Stop trying to lose forty pounds to experience health.  Align your beliefs about experiencing health with your desires for it, so your experience of health will be reflected back to you by your weight loss.
  • Stop trying to find your soul mate to experience love.  Align your beliefs about experiencing love with your desires for it, so your experience of love will be reflected back to you by your partner.
  • Stop trying to get your dream job to experience fulfillment.  Align your beliefs about experiencing fulfillment with your desires for it, so your experience of fulfillment will be reflected back to you by your job.

Focus on aligning your beliefs about a desired experience with your desires for it.  And be a true creator by letting the people, places, things, and events in your life transform and naturally reflect your aligning beliefs back to you.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to align your beliefs and desires using quantum paradigms…

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  1. Hi Greg,

    Just checking in to see if all is ok with you?

    Not seen an update since the 23rd of Sep and since you are usually very regular with your posts, I thought I should check in and say Hi.

    Take care,

    • Thank you for asking, Rochelle. What an honor.

      I’ve been knee-deep in a wonderful leadership project I’ve manifested. It involves my school and the entire city.

      Big, fun, fulfilling stuff, for sure. But I also have no plans to let my writing go.

      Your note helped me feel good about updating the website. Thank you, my friend!

  2. Hi Gregory, thank you! I am not sure I fully caught the main idea here: so you say you have to to first feel abundant, loved etc. before manifesting these things into your life? Are there any concrete tips on how to align one’s feelings? Many thanks and have a great day! Soraya

    • Hey Soraya. Thank you for helping me clarify.

      You do NOT feel “it” first. Absolutely not.

      You BE it, then you see it, then you feel it. Let your feelings tell you whether or not you are what you want to see…yet.

      And then use that information to guide the on-going alignment of your beliefs with your desires.

      • Hey Gregory, thank you so very much! I feel I have a better understanding now, but I’d also love to know how I can “BE” it? Do you mean one should embody what one “wishes for”? Thanks so much again, Soraya

  3. Fabulous post! I tend to forget how the “thing” is just a reflection of my alignment. Feel free to just repost this in a bit so I don’t forget. 😉

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