Doing it right  We all grew up understanding that a teacher (of any subject) instructs us about things we don’t know well enough yet.

Since we don’t know the subject matter well enough to claim mastery of it, we learn from our teacher and weigh our understanding against hers.  In other words, we use the teacher’s knowledge and mastery of the subject to see if we’re getting it right – to see if we’re doing it right.

The Teacher/Student Formula is Familiar and It Works Well

This formula works well and serves us.  You begin your education in the role of “student” and continually assess yourself against your teacher.

And you also know that, over the course of time and with enough study and practice, you might develop as much understanding and mastery as your teacher.  In fact, you might surpass your teacher’s mastery.

When You’re Really Interested in Something, You Don’t Want to Remain a Student of It

The scenario which enables you to equal or surpass your teacher’s understanding is one where you actively live and engage the subject matter.  Your real-world experience with using the subject matter eventually gives you a level of mastery equaling your teacher.  In fact, you can eventually become a teacher of the subject, yourself, and call your original instructor a peer.

In this manner, you are no longer in the role of “student” and are no longer assessing yourself against your teacher.

Of course, there is no reason to achieve teacher-level mastery in everything.  Who has the time?  But in the area of intentional creation, isn’t that what you really want?

How do you know when you have achieved teacher-level status regarding intentional creation?  Let’s discuss that in a moment.

How Familiar Are You With the Pain of Being a Perpetual Student of Intentional Creation?

First let’s address an unfortunate reality about intentional creation, or the law of attraction.  Many people never leave the role of “student” regarding influencing their material experiences.  How many people do you know, for example, who have bookshelves stacked full of law of attraction books?  Raise your hand if you’re one of them or used to be?

My hand is up, by the way.  I know the pain of being a perpetual intentional creation student.

I used to be a person who was always on the lookout for the next cool book to read, the next incredible program to follow, the next big secret to be revealed.  I read intentional creation books and followed programs constantly.

One thing always remained constant in my quest: I never achieved mastery.  I never learned to manifest the “big stuff” that I really wanted.  Because I was always searching for someone to “give” me the answers, I never found the help I yearned for.  I kept imagining that the big secret (the one where I didn’t really need to change anything) was waiting to be discovered in the “next book.”

I’m no longer stuck in the “student” role, however, and neither must you.

I Always Searched for the Answer to the Question, “Am I Doing it Right?”

In the student’s role, in other words, I read new books with the guiding question, “Am I doing it right?”

Creating the game “Grow a Greater You”, though, changed everything for me.  And as I continue to play “Grow a Greater You” I leave the student’s role further and further behind.

I invite you to join me in evolving into teacher-level mastery regarding intentional creation.  I urge you to become a part of the swelling “Grow a Greater You” nation who are manifesting the “big stuff” in their lives.  “Grow a Greater You” is tailor-made for achieving teacher-level mastery because it teaches you exactly what to do to manifest the “big” stuff” and how to do it.

Although I Am Always Learning and Growing, I Ask a Far Different Question

How do you know, by the way, when you have attained teacher-level mastery?  When you no longer read books about spiritual growth and intentional creation to see if you are “doing it right.”

Instead you read books like these to see if they are “doing it right!”

Don’t get me wrong; I am still an active learner and still growing in my mastery.  I plan to always learn and grow.  I’m just no longer a perpetual student.

Leave the student’s role today.  Join us in claiming your mastery of intentional creation.  I’ve got a spot reserved for you in the “Grow a Greater You” Hall of Fame – all you need to do is claim it.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and influence your material reality in amazingly pleasing ways…