Car Salesman  You that you live in a universe of energy.  You, and all other “things” are waves on this energy ocean.

You, however, possessing a consciousness, play the role of “creator of waves”.  You create waves by forming coherence with the rest of the energy ocean, which means that your energy becomes powerfully and completely in-synch with the quantum field. 

Let’s Play Sherlock Holmes with Your Expectations

You undoubtedly already know that your expectations form coherence between energy of “you” and the energy of the quantum field.  As a leading-edge deliberate creator of a more pleasing physical reality, however, it is vital for you to always how your true expectations how differ from what most people think they are.

Your true expectations are not your top-of-mind, conscious thoughts, desires, and intentions.  In fact, they are almost never even part of your conscious awareness.  Your true expectations are unconscious and, being unconscious, you are hardly ever consciously aware of them.

What Do You Get When You Squeeze a Belief?

Your expectations are, in fact, unconsciously formed from your beliefs.  And because they are formed unconsciously, you have no direct control over them.

Think of your expectations as the juice you get when you squeeze an orange and think of your beliefs as the orange.  You cannot get anything other than orange juice when you squeeze an orange because that’s the only thing inside it.

You Mean My Thoughts Aren’t My Expectations?

It is a common and understandable mistake for someone to label her conscious, top-of-mind thoughts, desires, and intentions as her expectations.  In fact, this misunderstanding may be the single biggest contributor to any perspectives of frustration, victimhood, and helplessness someone experiences when failing to manifest things important to her.

Consciously forming intentions, for example, to have a great day at your job selling cars is not necessarily going to reflect or be your true expectation.

Your wishes, your top-of-mind desires, are certainly a part of your conscious awareness.  You think about the things you want, and the things you don’t want, every day.  And it is tempting to think that conscious focusing upon your top-of-mind desires is the “job” of a conscious creator – that such a focus will form coherence with the quantum field and manifest them.

But such a focus will only work if your beliefs, and the actual expectations they unconsciously produce, just so happen to be aligned with your desires.  Until you learned to intentionally align your beliefs with your desires, this is the “magic” which allowed your desires to manifest throughout your life experiences.

Don’t Fret; Even Though You Can’t Control Your Expectations, Directly, You Can Still Create the Ones You Need

As a “Grow a Greater You” all-star, however, you needn’t despair at your inability to create or control true expectations which are aligned with your conscious desires.  You already know all you need to do is align your beliefs with your desires and your expectations will be exactly where you need them to be.

Just make sure, as you play, that you do not set yourself up for frustration by remembering not to confuse your conscious thoughts and desires with your actual expectations.

Not seeing the things you desire doesn’t mean you have done something “wrong”, after all, it simply means you have some beliefs to grow.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires add make suffering optional…