The_Monster_at_the_End_of_This_Book_Starring_Lovable,_Furry_Old_Grover  Did you know that good, old Grover from Sesame Street is a self-help genius?  Many people mistakenly think his book, The Monster at the End of this Book, is for children.  But it’s not; it’s for people who are playing “Grow a Greater You.”

When you play “Grow a Greater You”, you are able to align your beliefs with your desires.  And, when you do that, you change the reflection the quantum field provides you (in the form of your material experiences).

This is, of course, because the quantum field always, and without fail, perfectly reflects your beliefs back to you in your material reality.

Want the “Big Stuff”?

“Grow a Greater You” has earned the reputation of allowing you to finally manifest the “big stuff”.  That’s because, in this wonderful game, you are taught a process which authentically aligns your beliefs with your desires – even when they are WAY out of alignment.

To align way-out-of-alignment beliefs with your desires (and, therefore, manifest the “big stuff”), you work a process that allows you to write and live your way into higher, more aligned beliefs.  Part of this amazing process is being completely honest with yourself about your way-out-of-alignment feelings.

Grover Shows You Whether of Not the “Monster” is Real

It’s natural, sometimes, for people to be afraid that they’re bringing more “bad” into their life when they get honest like this.  Or that they are making those beliefs more real.  Sometimes people are afraid that they are unleashing a monster.

And that’s where Grover comes in.  As The Monster at the End of this Book teaches us, there really and truly is NO MONSTER at all!  It was all in your imagination!  At the end of the book, all Grover finds is himself – lovable, furry, old Grover.  And at the end of your writing, you find the same thing: no monster – just lovable, furry old you.

So take a tip from Grover today and start playing “Grow a Greater You”.  He’s right, there is no monster.  If you’ve never read Grover’s book, you just might find it’s tailor made for us.

The Grow a Greater You Teleconference is Back Tomorrow

This Thursday night, the free “Grow a Greater You” Teleconference is finally back on.  Please call in with questions and comments; we love to hear from you.  But, most of all, please join us, learn a lot, and share your energy.  See you Thursday night at 8 PM EST!

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And, in the meantime, stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…