manifestation  Here are some of my favorite resources.  These are not “affiliate links”; I share them with you because I like them.  I hope you love them, and benefit from them, as much as I have.


1. My Why Quantum Physicists… Newsletter  Cost: Free

I’m bribing you to subscribe to my newsletter.  Not only is it free, but you receive a free gift, information available nowhere else, and tons of cool, powerful tips every other Monday morning.  Why am I bribing you?  I need you help to manifest my greatest desire: making suffering optional.  Don’t worry though; all you need to do to help is subscribe.  But, please, get started helping me today by subscribing!

2. The Grow a Greater You Facebook Group  Cost: Free

Join this group, started by fans and practitioners of the amazing game, Grow a Greater You.  Read, learn, and interact with this vibrant community; play Grow a Greater You with some cool, new friends.  This from the group’s founder: “Join us to play “Grow a Greater You” based on the principles in Greg Kuhn’s book, “Why Quantum Physicists Play ‘Grow A Greater You'” This group allows us to tell our “better-feeling believable” stories together so we can effectively and intentionally grow greater lives…..for ourselves, our world, and for greater collective beliefs. Send a request to join to be added to the group.”

FYI – I post special and unique messages and videos, answer questions, leave comments, and hold contests.  All for this group’s eyes only.  Feel free to join in the fun.

3. Frequently Asked Questions about Playing “Grow a Greater You”  Cost: Free

Greg is usually asked the same questions, even though they are presented in a variety of ways.  This is your first stop to get a question answered; odds are your answer can be found here.

4.  Greg Kuhn’s “Running Start” for Telling the Best-Feeling, Believable Story  Cost: Free

Greg is often asked to give an example of a better-feeling, believable story.  And he is also asked to help people craft the best-feeling, believable story about highly undesirable or challenging life events or circumstances.  Since telling the best-feeling, believable story is such a cornerstone of “Grow a Greater You”, Greg decided to create a free resource to give you a running-start.  Click the link, visit the page, fill out the form, and get Greg’s free better-feeling, believable story for any person, place, thing, event, or circumstance you’re facing.  And you won’t just be getting Greg’s direct, personal feedback – your story will be providing a valuable example for others who visit.

5. Archives of Grow a Greater You: A Free One-Hour Quantum Coaching Tele-Conference with Greg Kuhn and Frank Colella  Cost: Free

Once a week, Frank Colella, my Quantum Coaching Coordinator, and I spent an hour discussing how to use new paradigms from quantum physics to manifest your greatest dreams.  The shows were free and so is listening the archives.

6. Greg Kuhn’s YouTube Channel  Cost: Free

Watch Greg explain new paradigms to you.  Find what teaches –  personally.

7.  The Abe Forum  Cost: Free

Be part of the coolest, most positive, incredibly knowledgeable, uplifting law of attraction community –  introduce yourself to the Abe Forum.  On the Abe Forum, you will meet a large, vibrant community of people who, just like you, want to become the most powerful influencers of their material reality they can.  And you’ll not only be inspired, get to share your questions and experiences, but you’ll meet some very powerful manifestors.  And it’s all free.

8.  Simple Steps Real Change Magazine  Cost: Free

Read practical advice from some of the best leaders (and new voices) in new thought, from people you can relate to – dive into Simple Steps Real Change Magazine.

You can explore the magazine several ways:

  • Read the on-line flip page magazine
  • Download a PDF
  • Explore the “Featured Articles” in the navigation menu

And, best of all, Simple Steps Real Change Magazine is completely free.  Well, actually, the best thing is that I contribute to it, but you’ll probably find other reasons to enjoy it. 😉

9.  Quantum Coaching  Cost: Varies, but well worth the investment

I use a coach.  Should you?  It’s not for everyone, yet if I have found using a coach to be the best, most effective, way to help me get where I want to go in the shortest amount of time.  Check it out and kick the tires, if you’re curious at all.

10.  Thoughts from the Universe  Cost: Free  

David Page is just the kind of man you’d want providing you with a daily jolt of spiritual “caffeine”.  Thoughts from the Universe is a free site which gives you a daily message of inspiration aimed directly at conscious creators like you.  You can even have the Thoughts from the Universe sent to you every day, if you choose.  Additionally, you’ll find a growing number of other helpful information there.

11.  Tarot Athena  Cost: Varies

I was new to getting Tarot readings, but gave Athena an opportunity to share with me.  I was pleased with what she had to say and loved her warmth, sincerity, and generosity of spirit.  Athena is a wonderful woman with a lot of insight.  If you’ve ever been curious about Tarot cards, this site is a cool and fun place to explore.

12. Buck Books  Cost: Free

Do you, like me, love to find cool Kindle books for $.99?  And especially wonderful is discovering Kindle books which are only temporarily on-sale for $.99   Buck Books is a free website that sends you emails altering you to $.99 books you might be interested in.  They even do special events, like “Spiritual Authors” (I’ve participated) to whom they’ve actually sent out invitations, initiating the $.99 sales themselves.  It’s a cool, free service.

13.  Emotional Reference Chart  Cost: Free

Here is a link to my Emotional Reference Chart, which you can print out and use to guide yourself up the scale of emotions to the align your beliefs with your desires.

14.  Tabla de Referencias Emocionales  Costo: Gratis

Aquí está un link para una Tabla de Referencias Emocionales, la cual puedes imprimir y usar como una escala de emociones para guiarte y alinear tus creencias con tus deseos.




  1. Thank you for printing the Emotional Reference Chart on your website. It is a great tool that enables us to more easily do the manifestation work you recommend, and enhances the practicality of Abraham/Hicks offerings.

    • You’re welcome Linea.

      I’m glad you find it useful. It’s an honor to have an opportunity to be of value to you.

  2. I understand that Quantum Physics is the study of the smallest particles in the Universe. How does is apply to human behavior?

    • Thank you for asking, Carolyn.

      Quantum physics is the basis for some amazingly effective new paradigms (or: reasons we do things the way we do them).

      Our paradigms have always been based upon science; quantum physics gives us paradigms that are almost unbelievably effective because the science spawning them is so much more precise and accurate than that which gave birth to our current, outdated paradigms we’re replacing.

      Primary among these new paradigms is the “involved observer.” It is no longer correct to think of the material world as a pre-existing, pre-determined entity which merely awaits our discovery. It is also no longer correct to say that the material world is “the way it is”, regardless of our observations, or that we have no influence upon it.

      Instead we now know that we are, indeed, intimately involved with the creation of the material world. This website (and my books) are devoted to exploring and teaching the most fulfilling methodology yet created for intentionally harnessing our massive creative power. It’s a game I call “Grow a Greater You”.

      We are no longer required to think of ourselves as inconsequential bystanders to whom life “happens”. We are gloriously powerful creators. I am living it everyday and I’m thrilled that thousands have decided to play along.

      I invite you to join us; I’m glad you’re here.

  3. I have been a student of the law of attraction for several years now and I think like many, have been frustrated by the lack of results. I also had read much of Esther and Jerry Hicks books. But for some reason until I came across your website and your books I never really understood how to change my beliefs….. I am on my 6th day of the emotion chart…. I am loving the ‘Game’ so far!

    What completely shocked me was on the 3rd day up the chart….I also have a home in foreclosure with a second mortgage on that home. The bank holding the 2ND mortgage has been sending letters and phone calls for several years now. On my 3rd Day up the emotion chart I received an envelope from that bank and was expecting it to be some sort of a suit or more harassment. To my Total AMAZEMENT it was a letter forgiving me of my complete Debt of nearly $35,000 thousand dollars! I think you could have seen my smile from a mile away! Coincidence? I don’t think so…..

    Thank you Greg!

    • That is wonderful Tommy. Thank you for your assessment of “Grow a Greater You”; anytime I am mentioned in the same breath as the Hicks, I am honored. I’ve been a big fan for quite a while.

      I am not surprised, though I am excited for you. Your success is my success (and all of your friends’ who are reading as well). I won’t promise such results, in that time-frame, to everyone, but I will absolutely guarantee that “Grow a Greater You” works. As you know, of course.

      As you continue playing, and manifest more of your dreams, please let me know how your life unfolds. I’m certain you’re in for a lot of joy.

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