My 3 Series  My latest journey up the Emotional Reference Chart while continuing to play “Grow a Greater You” has absolutely blown my mind.

I am chronicling every step and will publish it all very soon.  This will be the first book which not only explains how to manifest, but also lets you walk every step with me as I grow and change and shows you, in real time, the actual manifestations as they happen.

The BMW pictured in this post?  That is a photo of the actual gorgeous driving machine I manifested this week and took my wife out to dinner in last night.  In the upcoming book you’ll watch me manifest it right in front of your eyes – seeing exactly how, what, why, when, and where!  

“I’ll Believe It When I See It,” She Sneered!

Someone wants proof?  Someone says, “Talk is cheap; show me!”?

Throughout the book:

  • I state, up-front, “This is my desire”
  • I write/live/journal my way up the Emotional Reference Chart
  • Then I manifest my desire!

This is the first book, ever, with the audacity to do that – in plain view, for all to see, during broad daylight.

You Want Proof?  You Want Real-Time, “There It Is” Excitement?

The insights and revelations I’m writing down are game-changing.  You will never be the same again after reading and learning.  I have never been more certain of anything I’ve written and I cannot state that emphatically enough.

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Have a Hearty Pre-Publication Helping Of Light-Speed-Quality Manifesting Fuel

Over the course of four evenings, I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to manifest more money.  No games.  No cliches.  No repacked same-old-same-old.

  • You know how I work!
  • You know I play “Grow a Greater You” ever day.
  • You know I am a guide who is walking the path with you.
  • And, believe me when I tell you, you have never heard anything like what I’m sharing during this tele-seminar.

Want a sneak preview?  You got it!

I Manifested a Drop-Dead Gorgeous BMW Using Quantum Manifesting (That’s a New Thing I’ll Be Teaching You How to Do!)

That beautiful BWM I took my wife to dinner in last night?  Can you imagine how outrageously fulfilling it felt zipping along the Ohio River, listening to Shakey Graves and Led Zeppelin on the Harman Kardon audio system, with the moonroof open in this incredible piece of German engineering?

Can I tell you something amazing about manifesting this car?  In so doing I discovered the differences between Newtonian manifesting versus Quantum manifesting.  And they are not only significant, they are so important its almost impossible to overstate them.

Newtonian Manifesting?  Boo!  Old-School.  Played Out!  Yesterday’s News.

Newtonian manifesting, based upon Newtonian paradigms, is all about an event.  A “genie” who grants your wish, an unexpected miracle which unveils your desire, or a veritable magic wand you get to wave and, “Presto!”, your dreams are finally fulfilled!

Newtonian manifesting sounds pretty familiar doesn’t it?  Newtonian manifesting is taught as “The Law of Attraction”, because people don’t even realize they’re still stuck in Newtonian paradigms, the lion’s share of the time.

Newtonian manifesting still requires earning the approval of a gatekeeper who says “yes” or “no” and allows the manifestation.  It’s subtle, but that old Newtonian paradigm is still rooted deep in there, like dandelion roots.  And, as exciting as successful Newtonian manifesting is when it works, you still need the gatekeeper to say “yes” every time you want a desire to manifest.

Quantum Manifesting Is a Gift From Future Humans!  It’s So Powerful I Can’t Explain It Any Other Way.

Quantum manifesting, however, is the living embodiment of the parable: “Teach someone to fish and you feed her for a lifetime.”

As a quantum manifester, I am not “given” my desire nor am I “given access to” my desire.  I manifest my desire because I am my desire.  I am the source of my manifestation and, thus, I carry the source of my desire, and maintain reliable access to experiencing it, with me at all times.

How does that work?  With Quantum manifesting, which we learn to do by playing “Grow a Greater You”, I grow my beliefs about being worthy of experiencing my desire as I truly want to into alignment with how I truly want to.

Every person, place, and thing in my life then transforms as it reflects my ever-aligning beliefs about being worthy – eventually (and usually quickly) becoming exactly what I want and need to have and experience my desire.

Quantum Manifesting Makes You the Source of Your Manifestations (And That’s the Only Real Source There Ever Was Anyway)

With Quantum manifesting I am the source of every reflection.  There is no longer a gatekeeper; there is only a source (my beliefs) which produces pleasing or displeasing reflections.

There no longer need be any judgment about a reflection either – merely a decision about whether or not the reflection my beliefs are casting is serving me or not.

If I decide the reflection my beliefs are casting does not serve me?  I simply return to the source of that reflection, my beliefs, and continue nudging them into alignment with my desires.

If Quantum Manifesting Doesn’t Sound Like a Gift From the Future Yet, Just Wait Until I Teach You All About It

Sound simple?  Trust me – it’s game-changing if you allow yourself to embrace it on a deep level.  Quantum manifesting is one of seemingly countless new insights and revelations I’m recording in my new book.  And starting to reveal, for the first time, in my upcoming seminar, How to Find Real Financial Abundance in a Place You Never Thought to Look.

Join me this Monday (if you can’t make each class, don’t worry, you get all the MP3 files).

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…