Tracy pic3  Tracy Kauffman is a Christian author who specializes in Children’s and Young Adult Books. She has written: My Boyfriend the Squire, Southern Adventures, and Gwendolyn’s Wish.

Why am I talking about Tracy Kauffman?  It is not just because she is an author who has written three cool non-fiction books.

I am talking about Tracy Kauffman because she became interested in my new book, Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat and interviewed me on her author’s blog.  Please read the interview here and be kind enough to comment on her blog if you’re so inclined.

Because Tracy was interested in interviewing me, I’d like to ask you to investigate Tracy’s middle age/time travel/romance/adventure My Boyfriend the Squire and Tracy’s children’s book about a young girl who meets a special wish-granting friend Gwendolyn’s Wish.

Oh and, by the way, Tracy is a nice person and a talented storyteller.  Please pay her blog a visit and read my interview.