sunset  Have you ever been held spellbound by a gorgeous sunset?

How about being stopped in your tracks by a beautiful painting?  Or what about the first time you laid eyes on your newborn child?

These are all examples of times you lost yourself in the moment.

When you lose yourself in the moment you temporarily lose the illusion that you are separate from that which you are observing.  And, make no mistake, quantum physics tells us that, at our core, separateness is an illusion. (Click that link to Tweet it)

“Things” Being Separate From You is But a Very Effective Illusion

In fact, since all material objects are made from the same stuff (a unique combination of, mostly, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen) and are all manifest from the quantum field, it is correct for us to say that when we interact with the material world, we are interacting with ourselves.

Thinking that we are not interacting with ourselves, that we are separate from all we observe, is a very effective illusion.  But it is still an illusion.

Timeless Awareness Makes You What the Monk Asked the Hotdog Vendor: “Make Me One With Everything”

If you doubt that, think back, again, to the last time you lost yourself in a moment.  You became one with what you were observing.  Time ceased to exist for you and you were in union with that thing.

You were experiencing what Deepak Chopra is fond of calling timeless awareness.  Timeless awareness occurs when the observer, the observed, and the act of observing become one(Click that link to Tweet it) During timeless awareness all possibilities are present and alive – because the quantum field (which you are in direct contact with during timeless awareness) is the living embodiment of limitless possibilities.

Conscious Creators Do Their Best Manifesting When They Are Timelessly Aware

Given that all possibilities are fully present and alive during timeless awareness, isn’t it easy to see that timeless awareness is a great state of being for a conscious creator, like you, to have?  Doesn’t being timelessly aware present you with your greatest opportunities to manifest a life more closely aligned with your desires? (Click that link to Tweet it)

Yes, of course, it does.

It’s Not Rocket Science At All to Be Timelessly Aware As Often As You Wish

And the good news for you is that you can become timelessly aware any time you choose(Click that link to Tweet it) And, additionally, you can do work which will allow you to be timelessly aware more and more often.


  1. You can become timelessly aware any time you choose by feeling love, gratitude, and appreciation as often as possible.  Deep feelings of love, appreciation, and gratitude have always been the vehicles which took you to timeless awareness.  Knowing that, why wouldn’t you choose to feel them as often as possible and enter timeless awareness as often as possible.  Where is there a rule which states that you must wait until a “big” event (like a sunset or the birth of a child) to feel love, gratitude, and appreciation in great extent?
  2. You can do work which will allow you to be timelessly aware more and more often by working your way up my emotional reference chart.  And you can do this by telling ever-improving versions of the best-feeling, believable stories you can about your life circumstances.  Especially those circumstance you wish to improve and align with your desires.

You will not stay in timeless awareness.  You are a human being, after all, and humans are not made to constantly be in timeless awareness (except in extraordinary cases).  You will return to your illusion of separateness regularly.

Yet thanks to your opportunities to intentionally enter timeless awareness, you can continually return to it.  More and more often.  And enjoy more spontaneous fulfillment of your desires.

Join me to today in intentionally seeking timeless awareness. Practice finding and feeling love, gratitude, and appreciation for anything, and everything, in your life by always telling yourself the best-feeling, believable stories possible.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your dreams…