Meet a Friend of Mine Who Actually Has the Audacity to No Longer Play Small

Wezmore 2 I think you’ll enjoy this video by my friend Eddie Coker.

Eddie is the creator of a project called Wezmore.  Wezmore teaches children (and adults) about habits and perspectives which lead human beings to self-actualization, fulfillment, and happiness.

Eddie, his awesome Director/Videographer Andrew Holzschuh, and Wezmore have never failed to move me.  See if you agree; watch his latest video “Dear Everybody”.

(And if you do agree, click the Wezmore link and watch the first video you see – you can’t miss it)

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    • Glad you liked it too, Glenn. I adore Eddie’s energy and passion.

      As is (accurately) evident from his videos and website, Eddie is the real deal.

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