GrowGreaterYou_3D  How would you like an owner’s manual for life as a human being?  Just like the one for your automobile you have stashed in your car’s glove box?

A manual instructing you specifically, step-by-step, how to live as happily and successfully as you want, however you wish to define those things.

A manual that teaches you exactly how to achieve and manifest any desire.

You’ve Always Intuitively Known that You Weren’t Born to Play Small – And You Are Correct

Growing into our greatest versions of ourselves, however, is not only our natural inclination, it is also our birthright.  We were not born to play small.  It is so essential, in fact, to a fulfilling human life that we will continue striving for such growth and fulfillment, even while living lives of health, wellness, awareness, and abundance humans could only dream of a century ago.  And why are we not satisfied?  Because one of our most primal desires is to awaken our almost unbelievable potential and nearly limitless power.

A potential and power with which you are undoubtedly already familiar.  And want more of.  As great as you’ve become, you still want to grow a greater you.  Me too.

Remember the Tom Hanks Movie “Big”?  Well Now You’re Starring in It Via My New Book!

Well, I have wonderful news.  You’re on your way in earnest now to that blossoming of your immense creative power that you so rightfully desire.

This book is your long awaited owner’s manual for life on this planet.  And it comes to you in the form of an amazingly fun and tremendously effective game called “Grow a Greater You”.

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I realize what a bold claim that is, yet I am confidant you’ll soon agree that I’ve melded the best insights, knowledge, and teachings of religions, spiritualists, philosophers, doctors, and scientists into a very precise and rather unique instructional guide for fully realizing your powerful creative abilities as the architect of your life.

This owner’s manual will, in fact, make it possible for you to manifest your desires (large and small) and end your suffering.  Follow this owner’s manual and there is little doubt that you will awaken into your greatest, grandest vision of yourself as a deliberate creator of your material reality.

“Grow a Greater You” is Truly a Blueprint for the 21st Century

“Grow a Greater You”, combines insights from, primarily, quantum physics and neuroscience with spiritual (and, depending on how you define them, religious) teachings.  It is the experiential use, and not the philosophy, however, which is of the upmost importance for playing “Grow a Greater You”.

For, you see, I am not simply combining the wisdom of empirically proven quantum physics and neuroscience with the noetic wisdom of religion, spiritualism, and philosophy.  I am also an active practitioner of “Grow a Greater You”; I continue to live its brilliance daily and experience it vicariously through the lives of thousands of readers.

In fact, the amazing results of the people who play “Grow a Greater You” have allowed me to hone its instructions to razor-sharp efficiency.  This game is what you came to Earth to play and play it you shall, with power, wisdom, and authority.

I Guarantee You that “Grow a Greater You” is the Game You Came Here to Play

I call it a game, by the way, not because it’s a trivial pursuit (see what I did there?).  To the contrary, this game may be the most important thing you’ll ever do for the advancement of your efficacy as a human being.  And playing it may be the single most satisfying thing you will ever do to imbue your life with joy, happiness, and success.  Because “Grow a Greater You” allows you to manifest your desires as well as make your suffering optional.

So without further ado, I give the last owner’s manual you may ever need.  In the form of the most wondrous game you could possibly play: “Grow a Greater You”.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams and end your suffering…