king on throne  You desire what you desire.  Perhaps, if you’re like many, you desire effortless wealth which flows to you in excess.

Do you want to use that wealth to provide for your loved ones?  Do you want to use it to give generously to your favorite charities?

Or do you want to use it to light cigars with hundred dollar bills?

What if I told you it doesn’t matter?  What if I told you that you’re allowed to want anything you want?  No matter the reason; no matter the motivation.

And, further still, you’re not just allowed to manifest it, you need to manifest it!

A Creator With No Desires Is Like a Painter With No Canvas, Paint, or Brush

You were born to desire because you were born to create.  You are a creative energy of immense power and you came here to blossom into the fullest fruition of that power possible and imaginable.  How would you know what to create, what motivation would you have to do so, without your desires?

Are you supposed to reach the pinnacle of creative power, or deliberate manifestation of a material reality concretely aligned with your utmost desires, overnight?  Of course not.  You are here to grow into that power, in steps and stages, to blossom into your grandest version of magical creative power.  You are here to unfold, to expand, into full enlightenment of who and what you really are – a part of the universal mind who is learning to more intentionally create all she experiences (in one way or another) each moment of every day on Earth.

Life And the Awakening of Your Creative Power Is a Journey

The key words here are:

  • Grow
  • Step
  • Stage
  • Blossom
  • Unfold
  • Expand
  • Learn

You are not here to wake up, snap your fingers, wave a wand, and instantly have everything manifest in absolute grandeur and perfection.  What would be the fun in that?  That would be an experience; you came here to have a journey.  In fact, you’ll learn that the lion’s share of your rewards are found in your journey and not in your accomplishments.  The view from the mountaintop is not what makes you a “success”, after all, it is the climb to get there.

This is all precisely why it is not only okay to desire whatever it is you desire, it is also vitally important that you align your beliefs with those specific desires (no matter what they are) to you can manifest them.  Because those desires you hold right now, no matter how self-aggrandizing, egotistical, or self-centered they may be, are necessary personal-evolutionary steps in your journey.  Manifesting your current desires, regardless of whether or not Mother Theresa would approve of them, is akin to the pedals of a flower slowing unfolding to greet the warm spring sunshine.

Without manifesting the desires you currently have right now, the flower will not open for you.

It is Actually Very Important For You to Manifest That “Selfish” Desire You Have!

Manifesting your current desires is how you grow.  It’s how you expand.  It matters not what those desires are; there are no “right” nor “wrong” desires because the desires themselves are a means to an end, a vehicle, a delivery system.

The end they deliver is, of course, your expansion into a greater, grander version and vision of you.  What is delivered via the manifestation of your current desires is the “Grow” in “Grow a Greater You”.  Manifesting what you desire, right now, is how you play this incredible game and you can be assured that no matter how long you’ve held the desires you have right now, you will manifest them as you align your beliefs with them.

Because that is how our universe works.

So embrace your current desires without reservation, whatever they are (unless they are illegal or immoral – but I’ve never yet encountered anyone with desires of that variety), right now.  Even if it’s something as base or completely self-centered as wanting to manifest some “eye candy” for your right arm at your high school reunion so all your old friends will eat their hearts out.

Even if your desire is something as self-focused and globally irrelevant as want to fit into your old favorite little black dress so your old boyfriend realizes what he missed out on.  For the reasons previously elaborated upon, go for it.

Your Desires, Manifest, Become the Appetizer For What’s Next

Even if the first desires you manifest serve no one but you, even if they could be called childish, what will happen is that, upon their manifestation, you will get excited, inspired, and invigorated.  And as you revel in the satisfaction of your manifestations (which you are, hereby, 100% given permission to enjoy by the bucket full), those fulfilled desires will quickly be replaced by new ones.

Yet don’t despair about that for a moment; to the contrary, you’ll be motivated by your success, rightfully more confident and assured in your ability to manifest these new, grander desires.  You’ll be raring to go.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…