Intro From My New Book for My Friends at Grow a Greater You (Facebook)

Greg Dreams Meme  Introduction – Meet a Metaphysical Sous Chef

Reduction, in cooking, evaporates ingredients in a mixture until reaching a desired thickness and flavor. Reduction involves using the right temperature to evaporate the right components, so what’s left is the flavor and consistency you want.  Too much reduction and you’re left with burnt-flavored goo.

This book is a reduction of my game, Grow a Greater You, unveiled in my previous book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”.  Grow a Greater You was, itself, a reduction of my two previous books, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs and Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail.

This reduction has been one of the most enlightening, and sometimes unsettling, eras of my adult life.  After joyfully saturating the Internet with my ideas for years, I virtually disappeared during this reduction. I couldn’t write during this era; I only write about things I’ve learned that really work.  And I desired to manifest two experiences that had to be manifested before I could write again.  It was time to get off the keyboard and devote myself to growth.

It Works, Except When It Doesn’t  

Grow a Greater You didn’t stop working.  lt worked beautifully, but for the two desires I couldn’t manifest.  The fulfillment I’ve manifest playing Grow a Greater You gave me the courage to admit more was possible in every experience.  We can manifest desirable experiences; if I can’t completely manifest my more desired experiences the way I really want to, I needed to acknowledge that.  If Grow a Greater You works, I should also manifest those two desires.

I was going to figure out how to manifest those two desires or stop writing.  Despite my sincere confidence in Grow a Greater You, I had never manifest those two desires like I truly wanted.  If Grow a Greater You couldn’t allow me to manifest those seminal desires, I’d let everyone know that I found its limits.  

My two seminal desires?  Having a soulmate and being a great leader.  I had little complaint in these areas of my life; my wife, my job, and my writing were all incredibly fulfilling.  Yet manifesting desires causes our desires to grow.  When we grow into more pleasing experiences, we become aware of even grander possibilities.    

I was married to an amazing partner, I was appreciated by my community for the hard work I do for an amazing high school, and my teachings were embraced by umpteen thousands – I loved my life. Those experiences were beyond some of my wildest dreams when I began this journey in 2006.  After a taste of our powerful, I wouldn’t settle for an experience less fulfilling than what I really want.

The Journey Really Is the Gift

We are not fulfilled by our achievements, we are fulfilled by our growth.  No outcome can be guaranteed, but we are each guaranteed the opportunity to create the experiences we really want.  While manifesting an important experience is thrilling, the path to that experience provides our fulfillment.  

I choose not to settle for “good” when I really want to experience “great.”  No matter how pleasing my marriage, career, and writing were, why would I settle for less than my deepest desires if I didn’t have to?  I didn’t need to manifest greater experiences to be fulfilled; being fulfilled was the reason I dared to put myself out there and shoot for the stars.

I Wrote Three Manuscripts So I Could Write This Book

I began playing Grow a Greater You, as taught in Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You.”  I wrote my way up the Emotional Reference Chart and, originally, thought my journal would become my next book.  While writing that manuscript, however, I realized I hadn’t yet learned what I needed because those two desires were still out of arm’s reach.  I shelved that manuscript and want back to work.  

I wrote two more manuscripts before writing this book.  Both times before this one, I discovered I wasn’t ready to write yet.  My commitment to really manifesting those two desires was rock solid; I had no desire to write again if I couldn’t write about manifesting them.  

This book is great news, then, for both of us.  It means that I really have manifested my soulmate and great leadership experiences.  The reduction worked.  And it means you can manifest your soulmate too.  

It’s Truer Than I Knew, But Much Simpler

You really are the architect of your life.  Not because you are “God”, nor are you a metaphysical “Harry Potter.”  You are the architect of your life because you create your experiences.  To be human is to experience; having experiences is what defines a human’s existence.

You are the only person having your experiences.  Not even people in your exact circumstances are having your experiences.  In fact, only you are capable of creating your experiences.  No person, place, or thing can create them, you create your experiences.

You do not, however, create your circumstances.  No one can manifest people, places, and things; trying to create desired experiences by manifesting the right circumstances is fools gold.  But experiences are not created by circumstances anyway, only influenced by them.

After the reduction, one thing remained: ideas.  Ideas create experiences and better ideas create better experiences.  Those two statements changed my life and allow me to manifest sometimes overwhelming experiences of my soulmate.  Simple.  And amazingly powerful.

This book teaches you how to find the better ideas you need.  You’ll know when you’re truly experiencing your soulmate.  If you refuse to settle for less than that, I am confident you’ll have that experience the way you really want.