1. I am really looking forward to trying this one.
    The other day I wanted a coupon to buy a book online and within the hour it was in my email!

    • That’s really cool, Jen. Thank you for sharing it.

      Just like with pennies, someone might be apt to say, “Oh. It’s just a coupon. It’s no big deal. No need to celebrate that.”

      But if I have that attitude, if I don’t celebrate the “small” things, how will my manifestations ever grow into the “big” things?

      Funny to think that my attitude used to be: I’ll start celebrating when I get the million dollar check. What I was missing was that the first penny I manifested was just as important as the one hundred millionth penny. Each individual one is as vital and important as the last.

      So why not tell better-feeling, believable stories that celebrate each one of the pennies as the next step on my way toward a million dollars? Because each penny really is the next step – if I want to see it that way.

  2. Greg, Just listened to, tow of your podcasts with Constance Arnold. Always impressed with your ability to express yourself so well.
    That statement “We didn’t come here to play small”, really hit me where it hurts. Shame on me.
    Am going to get your books and educate myself.
    James M.

    • Thanks, James, for your compliments. I so appreciate you letting me know that I’ve been of value to you. It’s an honor to have been so and I trust I’ll be of more value moving forward.

      I’ve got a feeling that looking back upon our life, when we’re back to our true energy nature, we will gently laugh at all the imaginary rules which boxed in and limited us. I don’t believe there is a “punishment” for playing small, but I’ll bet the energy of those who are not here with us cheers loudly for those of us who decide to no longer wear the imaginary shackles we seem so happy to place on ourselves.

  3. Greg did you know that here in Canada our government got rid of the penny last year!! I guess they were tired of everyone throwing them all over the place..

    Anyways I have been finding dimes!! And I have been finding dimes in the strangest places. Just yesterday morning out grocery shopping with my husband I found a dime in the parking lot!
    I read an article that said finding dimes is a message from a departed loved one?
    But I like your idea of showing the Universe how excited and grateful I am for this abundance. I will do this the next time I find a dime or any other money for that matter.

    This was a fun video thank you!


    • No more pennies? Come on, Canada!

      First you make us listen to Bryan Adams, and now this? (I’m kidding – Bryan Adams is fine with me).

      I moved “up” to dimes a while ago. Not that the denomination matters, I just wanted a bigger goose. Still love a penny though!

      Thanks for letting me know how much fun you’re having.

  4. Ha ha Brian Adams…I’m still on the fence about him. Yes, no more pennies now stores have to round up or down which confused a lot of people!

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