“If You Truly Want Suffering to Be Optional, Greg, I Dare You to Guarantee Our Financial Abundance Right Now!”

Healing-Money  “Put up or shut up, Greg,” she said in a kind, yet challenging tone.

Reverend Frances Fayden put me on the spot.

Like Knute Rockne’s Halftime Speech, Frances Made Me Want to Run Through a Brick Wall

“Your goal is to make suffering optional,” she said.  “Create a teleclass that explodes financial abundance unlike any one-hour class anyone has ever encountered.”

“You’ve got the gameplan; I played “Grow a Greater You” and tripled my income within a few months,” Frances continued.

“I’ve got the teaching ability; I’m teaching my clients to transform their wealth too.”

“Together, the two of us can truly make financial suffering optional for thousands, instantly,” she concluded.  “But only if you’re willing to create the boldest, most original, no-fluff, teleclass ever conceived.”

The Brick Wall I’m Destroying Is Your Financial Limitations

I love the toughest questions.  I enjoy being challenged to deliver in a big way.  Where’s the value, and fun, of answering the same questions the same way they’ve always been answered?

So, yes, Frances got my attention.

And she got just what she challenged me to produce – a teleclass crammed with life-changing instructions to use quantum paradigms to leave financial suffering behind.

Who Is This Modern-Day (and Female) Knute Rockne, Anyway?

Why Frances Fayden?

  • Frances is a an expert coach – although she prefers the term “guide.”
  • Frances has experienced the power and truth of “Grow a Greater You”, first-hand.
  • Frances has been having success leading her clients on the journey of growing their beliefs.
  • Frances had a powerful vision of our forming a dynamic duo and doing the “impossible” – teaching people to transcend their limitations and manifest the “BIG STUFF”

Frances Knows How to Push My Buttons – Challenge Me to Help Even More People Than Ever

What can I say?  I’m a sucker for accomplishing the “impossible.”  After all, what’s more fun than doing what others say “can’t” be done?

I accepted Frances’ offer.  Working together, we have created what I believe is the most powerful financial belief-raising teleclass possible.

And April 8th is the day!

Learn to “Ride the Bike” You Always Wanted To

Frances and I have done it.  We are going to teach you to ride a bike, financially speaking.

When you’ve digested this one-hour class, you will be able to ride this bike for the rest of your life.  And, of course, the longer you ride it the more pleasing your rides will become.

Will you be able to ride in the Tour de France eventually?  I want to be up front with you here; this is a one-hour class and expecting that level of financial “bike riding” mastery  from a one-hour time frame may be a set up for disappointment.

I wouldn’t ever say such accomplishment, from a one-hour investment, is impossible, yet I also want you to know that, just as would be the case with actual bicycle riding, more study and guidance may eventually prove necessary.

Yet, even if you never seek additional guidance, this tele-class will allow you to ride that bike and experience financial abundance in amazing new ways.

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Like This

Every moment of this teleclass is:

  • Scientifically valid and reliable
  • Limitation shattering
  • Phenomenally original and unique
  • Jammed with simple instructions you can start using right away
  • Completely devoid of the “same old law of attraction stuff you’ve heard a million times”

In fact, if your financial abundance isn’t influenced by our seminar, I will have failed you.  And, by now you know, I DO NOT fail you!

Okay, Now See If I Did It (Hint…I Did)

Now it’s your turn to put me on the spot.  See if I made the right decision to partner with Frances Fayden.

See if I’ve delivered on Frances’ challenge.  See if financial suffering is made optional from this point forward.

I’m eager to show you and excited by how happy you’ll be with what you discover!

Register here – join Frances Fayden and me on April 8th.