I Truly Dare You To Tell Me This is Not a Genuine Miracle

Clocks  Okay…wanna hear a quantum field manifest-a-miracle story?

My sister-in-law and her family came to stay with us for Thanksgiving this year.  That has been wonderful, but it’s not the miracle.

The Older Sister Is Coming!  Clean the House!

In preparation for their visit, we cleaned the house pretty thoroughly. While cleaning the basement, I looked at the battery-operated clock on the wall.

These batteries have been dead for about six months, the clock hasn’t worked for that long, and we have never cared enough to change the batteries.

“Now might be a good time to change the batteries,” I mused. So I wrote “AA batteries” on my wife’s grocery list.

Oh Yeah…The Clock

Later that afternoon, both our families were talking in the kitchen and I spied the package of batteries on the kitchen island. “Hey,” I thought, “I should go put new batteries in the basement clock.”

I went downstairs, got the clock, brought it up to the kitchen, and changed the batteries. Then I turned the clock over to make sure it was working again.

Success!  It was.

It’ll Be Nice to Have the Correct Time in the Basement Again

Having verified that the clock was working, but not having touched it in any other way, I looked up at the kitchen clock to get the current time (so I could set the basement clock).

Bear in mind – the basement clock hadn’t run for about six months and no one had touched it during that time.

When I looked up at the kitchen clock, the photo at the beginning of this post is what I saw.

The two clocks were on the same exact time!

There is Probably a Greater Chance that My Dog, Sam, Will Sing “Hello Baltimore” (From Hairspray) In Its Entirety Than This Happening

The basement clock “just happened” to have stopped, six months ago, at the exact time I put the batteries in this evening!

Aren’t miracles wonderful?

My wife asked me later, “What does it mean?”

What Does It Mean When A Bonafide Miracle Happens?

Here’s what I believe:

Miracles like this are the quantum field’s way of winking at us, like the loving, playful, and fun-loving energy it is.

Miracles like this are the quantum field’s way of reminding us that everything is a miracle.  Nothing is guaranteed to us and just because we now take something for granted and ignore it does not mean it is not a full-blown miracle that we can authentically celebrate if we so choose.

Miracles like this get our attention and refocus us on the wondrous joy inherent in every moment, and in all the things we call “ordinary”, “commonplace”, and “mundane”.  We recall that we are part of the greatest game in the universe, inhabiting a human body and experiencing human life with all the amazing power of creation that affords us.

The Quantum Field Speaks Through You Too, So Don’t Be Shy

Please let me know what you think it means.

I hope you are also inspired to become reacquainted with the “everyday” miracles you, like me, have probably gotten in the habit of overlooking.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and begin intentionally creating a life that pleases you immensely…

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    • You bet, Deborah! Me too. Thanks for saying so.

      Unexpected joys…like being asked to do a seminar in Nashville, TN on January 17th, 2015 and joyfully discovering that I can contribute to a beautiful charity (Thistle Farms) while doing so! 😉

    • Great idea, Christine. Thank you for sharing that.

      If time is a construct, as we believe, then making it do magical things might not be rocket science.

      We certainly experience its relatively with great frequency.

    • Love that, Steve. Thank you.

      The clocks are reflecting my alignment.

      And, if you can see that alignment too (in the photo), that must mean you’re here too. Congratulations!

  1. Well, I get to you from Neville Goddard teachings…I started practicing Neville’s teachings last October. Maybe sounds too soon but I am seriously “hads on”. I read 6 of his books, and listen to several videos in you tube ( English and Spanish because I won’t miss ANYTHING), well I understood his theories perfectly well but was very hard to fell the “believe” he is talking about. During all this time, I swear, every time I watch the clocks around the house (bedroom, stove, microwave, computer, was 80% of the time like this 11:11, 11:44, 4:44, 3.33 Thousand times I told my husband>>Look!!! again!!!…
    Well, thank to Amazon and the recommendations they do about books, I found you. And was exactly what I was looking for. Was the answer of How I make the Believe happens???!!!,
    Thank you for your work, and for share it with us, Now I know why I keep looking at the clocks with repetitive numbers!, I know that the Universe is telling me…..I GOT YOUR BACK, Sonia, keep moving forward!

    • Sonia, thank you very much for sharing your affirming praise with me. I am truly honored by your decision to allow me to be of such value in your universe.

      The quantum field always provides us with a mirror perfect reflection of our beliefs – isn’t it wonderful that we no longer need to “worry” about how to “make” things happen? All we need to do is get the source of the reflections in shape to provide the reflections we desire!

      And you’re doing that right now. The quantum field does, indeed, always have your back (I love your interpretation there!). I’ve got your back too.

      We’ve all got each other’s back, as long as we allow ourselves that perspective.

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