Neanderthal man  Think of primitive man. Neanderthal man. Uncivilized and wild.

Imagine being a Neanderthal-era human. How would you understand life?  How would your life “work”?

Oh How Primitive and Frightening This Would Be

I imagine you’d believe and do the following:

  • Material objects and life experiences are external things, awaiting your discovery.
  • The things and experiences which are pleasing (or even life-saving) like killing a healthy game animal or discovering a suitable and uninhabited rock outcrop under which you can sleep, are gifts given to you by an unknown source.
  • Not only is the giver of these gifts unknown, but how you earned them is also unknown.
  • You revere the giver of these gifts and try to earn its favor, because you need the gifts it can bestow.
  • You try to please the giver of these gifts by painting your face, making loud noises, dancing, sacrificing animals to it, building fires, etc.
  • No matter what you do, though, a clear pattern develops: sometimes you get the gifts you want and sometimes you don’t—and there is no way to discern how and why that decision is made.
  • You fear the giver of these gifts because it has the power to deny them to you.
  • You are often angry at the giver of these gifts because it regularly denies them to you, causing suffering and even death.
  • Life is frightening and uncertain. You feel unsafe and your survival is not guaranteed from one day to the next. Surviving the threats of your daily existence takes luck and lots of help from the mysterious giver of gifts.

Oh How Primitive and Frightening This Is

I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to write next. As primitive as all that sounds, most modern-day humans’ understanding of how life “works” hasn’t really evolved all that much.

Certainly, for modern-day humans, you can take out the parts about “surviving” and replace them with references to “thriving” instead. And you can swap out all the examples of what would be pleasing, replacing “killing a game animal” with “having a cool car,” for example. And you can certainly change out a lot of the rituals done to earn favor – exchanging, for example, “sacrificing animals” with “repeating positive affirmations.”

But, include the above changes, and you pretty much describe the majority of people’s understanding of how life works. In 2014. Yes, for most people life is still a mysterious and painful guessing game of trying to somehow earn the giver of gifts’ favor.

Meet the “Giver of Gifts” – Your Subconscious Brain

Aren’t you thrilled that you know who the giver of gifts is? It’s you! Well, not exactly. But you certainly possess the gift giver.

The mysterious “giver of gifts” is your set of beliefs. The quantum field forms coherence with your beliefs.  Your material reality, the unique, individual universe you experience is always a perfect reflection of your beliefs. And the reason that you experience some of the things in your individual universe as “gifts” (as opposed to obstacles) is that your beliefs in those areas are aligned with your conscious desires there.

So do not feel pity for the primitive Neanderthal just yet; we’ve got to enlighten people in the 21st Century first!

And make sure you stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…