Ted Nuttall  When we allow our desires to manifest (by aligning our beliefs with them) we always receive an additional gift: greater desires.

Achieving or attaining a milestone only opens us up to still greater desire. And, of course, the good news is that all we need do is continue to raise our vibrations to align with the new, greater, grander desires! The universe isn’t a tease – we always have the “tools” in hand to continue to grow and align with anything we desire!

The Greatest Game a Painter (or Non-Painter) Can Play

Each day we awaken, we are given the gift of engaging in the most beautiful and exciting game imaginable. (Click that link to Tweet it) It’s called “Grow a Greater Me”. Completely aligning our beliefs with our desires doesn’t end that game – in fact, it is just the beginning!

Here’s a story which illustrates what happens when we are aligned with our desires:

My wife and I recently took a long vacation to France, centered around a painting workshop conducted by the amazingly talented artist (and wonderful friend), Ted Nuttall. My wife is the painter; she paints abstractly in oils (and is a sculptor).

The workshop was on painting portraits,  In watercolor. My wife hasn’t worked professionally with watercolor and she hasn’t ever painted a portrait professionally.

My Wife Is On Fire, Baby…And Not Just Because She’s So Hot

The workshop lit a fire in my wife and elicited exuberant praise from Ted. She painted a portrait of one of our sons and did a beautiful job. She did such great work (and had so much fun) in fact, that upon returning home, we’re restructuring her studio to accommodate a shift in focus to watercolor.

So its appropriate to say that my wife moved herself to very high set of new beliefs around “watercolor” and “portraits”. She attained her “goal” or “desires” in that regard.

But is she “finished” with “watercolor” and “portraits”? Of course not! Even though she is now aligned on a high level concerning those two desires, she has merely begun a new journey called “Grow a Greater Watercolor and Portrait Painter”. Now she gets to spend the rest of her life playing that game.

Painting Her First Portrait is, After All, Just the Beginning for a Painter

As I’m sure you can surmise, a painter only gets better and refines her techniques the more she paints. Thus, the more time she spends playing this game, the grander her desires become as her talent grows. And as her desires continue to grow with each “level” of growth she attains, she merely needs to continue to raise her beliefs to align with her new, grander desires. (Click that link to Tweet it)

It works the same way for any of us. In any area of our lives.

When I started practicing the techniques I teach on this website and in my books, I had my tail between my legs. I had thought I knew all about how to use the law of attraction to manifest wealth. I had taken a lot of great action, and focused on nothing but positive thoughts and feelings, but, in the end, I had ultimately been trying to “bend the spoon” (create wealth) instead of “bending everything else and letting the spoon bend in accord” (raising my beliefs).

I was $1,000,000 in debt, facing scads of foreclosures, and saw certain bankruptcy on the horizon.

I Suppose You Could Say That I Learned How to Paint Too

What I learned was, of course, how to “bend everything else” instead of trying to “bend the spoon” (the missing key for almost all frustrations with using the law of attraction). Improving my beliefs, slowly but surely, by telling myself the best-feeling, believable stories about my desires is, of course, exactly how I learned to “bend everything else.”

Today I have no debt, I never had to declare bankruptcy, and I have more money in my life than I ever even dared dream of back during those dark days (when I would have cut off my arm simply to have my head above water – and no more!)

Does that mean I am “done” with financial abundance? Heck no! As I’ve continued to manifest my desires regarding financial abundance, I’ve always found that still greater desires awaken. And they can all be allowed to manifest by continuing to play this amazing game called “Grow a Greater Greg”.

But, Like My Wife, I’ve Only Just Begun

I am still, today, actively raising my beliefs around financial abundance, even though I am world’s wealthier than I dared desire back in 2006.

  • I continue to see a new physical reality as I continue to improve my beliefs.
  • I continue to receive new inspirations for joyous action and expansion as I continue to raise my beliefs.
  • I continue to see new opportunities manifest right in front of my eyes as I continue to raise my beliefs.

The same is true for my body, my health, my relationships, my self-worth, my career, etc. In all those areas, I am allowing greater desires to manifest than I ever would have dared dream before learning how to raise my beliefs.

So, today, I don’t even “dream”, in a sense. I definitely have desires for even grander expansion in all those areas, but I no longer put handcuffs on the universe by setting limits of any kind on my expansion.

So, today, I “dare” to expand into the limitless creativity and abundance of the quantum field. (Click that link to Tweet it) There is truly no end to this game and I’m so glad that you have decided to join me; you “dare” to expand like I do!

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…