I’ve been thinking about how to experience more of what I desire without exercising.  Even though the un-exercise I teach in my latest book, The 30-Minute Soulmate, isn’t exercise as I’ve known it before, I realize a need for accessing it without working out.


Can I Do This in My Pajamas?


My first thoughts are: any time you are displeased in any way, when you get angry, sad, or afraid, acknowledge how you feel without blaming anyone for causing it.  To the best of your ability, of course.  This is the ideal and we will probably all fall short of it regularly.


Then, after acknowledging how you feel with as little blaming as possible, look for what, in you, caused you to take such offense it.  What hidden idea or belief about yourself got poked by what happened?  Then acknowledge your secret doubt and set about to resolve it.


Un-Exercise Can Make It Easier, But It’s Not a Necessity


If you do those two things, you can resolve almost any less than desirable experience.  I haven’t found the ability to make that which is “bad” transform into “good,” yet I have discovered that transforming myself to address a secret doubt can transform my experiences.


Un-Exercise With Me this Saturday


Maybe this is what my next book is about.  Exploring these ideas without tying them to the truly awesome, I’ll-never-stop-doing-it experience of un-exercising.  In fact, I’m running the Derby Marathon this Saturday, April 29th.  Click that link to sign up for race tracking and follow me.  Or run with me.  Just by typing my name and signing up.


I won’t be “pushing my body” through 26.2 miles.  In fact, I won’t be focused on running a distance at all.  Rather, I will stay focused on running the present moment for a little over 4 hours.  And I’ll do that by un-exercising – breathing to a pace, rather than pacing to my breath.


I’m getting exciting anticipating how deeply I’ll process things by un-exercising for over 4 hours.  Check with your doctor, make a plan, and join me!



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