handcuff  Do you ever catch yourself thinking, “(Fill-in-the-blank) has to happen.”

As in: “To be happy or successful, I have (or strongly want) to:

  • win the lottery.”
  • drop these ten pounds.”
  • get an “A” in my class.”
  • have him say “yes” to my proposal.”

Duh!  Of Course I Want That to Happen – It’ll Make Me Happy

This is normal and we all do it from time to time.  Well all sometimes tell ourselves stories like these when we envision how we might become most successful and happy.

But have you ever considered that telling yourself stories like these might be a less than optimal way to create your material reality and see your desires fulfilled?

Why would I write that?  Aren’t these types of stories positive in nature?  Aren’t they focused upon successful outcomes?  And wouldn’t those outcomes fulfill your desires and make you happy?

I’m pretty certain your answer to all those questions is “yes”.

Yet – hear me out.

The Universe Knows What It’s Doing

Our universe is, literally, one of infinite possibilities.  Subatomic particles are not particles at all, after all.  They are merely the potential to become particles until we observe them.  Until our observation, they are merely the potential to become anything at all – that’s infinite possibility in action.

We repeatedly form the same material reality from the field of unformed particles simply out of habit. (Click that link to Tweet it)  And our habit of forming the same “things” again and again actually can negate our universe’s infinite potential – a potential that always exists in each new moment.

And, when we tell these types of stories about how we will experience the fulfillment of our desires, we are actually putting handcuffs on our universe’s creativity.  We are conveying a powerful expectation to the field of unformed particles that there is only one way to see our desires fulfilled.

And the universe may just have other ideas about how to fulfill that desire.

A Better Story That Frees Up the Universe to Do What It Does Best – Give Us What We Believe

Given all this, I highly recommend that you practice telling a story like the following, regarding your hopes for the realization of your desires:

“Although I would love to (win the lottery, drop these ten pounds, get an ‘A’ in my class, have him say ‘yes’ to my proposal, etc.) and I hope that happens, I can also believe that the fulfillment of my desires is not dependent on this outcome.  And I can also believe that I lack the current perspective to know what ‘needs’ to happen to see my desires fulfilled.  Given this, I can believe that however this circumstance is resolved – the universe knows what it is doing and things will happen like they’re supposed to.  All I need do is continue to align my beliefs with my desires by telling myself the best-feeling, believable stories I can today.”

Please join me in releasing the universe from the handcuffs we’re so apt to place upon it. (Click that link to Tweet it) I’ll bet you’ll enjoy the results as much as me.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…