smiling person  It’s fun to see excellence.

I remember a time, however, when seeing success made me feel envious and jealous. (Click that link to Tweet it) In fact, I’m still capable of feeling that way at any given moment, because I held beliefs which reinforced those feelings for a good portion of my life.

If I’m not vigilant, I can still feel that way today.

Choose Wisely Grasshopper…

When I see a beautiful BMW on the freeway, for example, which story do I tell myself?

  • “Look at that jerk.  She’s probably living way beyond her means and is in debt up to her eyeballs.  Who is she trying to impress?”
  • “Thank you for sharing your success with me and for reminding me what someone can have when she believes herself worthy of good things.”

When I see an attractive physique, which story do I tell myself?

  • “She’s probably a shallow and vapid person.  She might look good, but I’ll bet she’s not a nice person.”
  • “What a great inspiration for me.  I’m grateful to see this example of what someone who feels really deserving of taking care of herself can do.”

When I encounter someone who’s smiling and happy to be alive, which story do I tell myself?

  • “What are you so happy about?  Who do you think you are, being so upbeat?  How annoying.”
  • “Wow.  Thank you for brightening my day.  What a treat to be exposed to such a positive attitude.  I’m inspired by her; I think I’ll catch what she has.”

Given that I Have the Choice, Why Would I Want to Build Negative Beliefs?

I wish I could tell you that I always tell myself the later of those stories.  The stories which build beliefs about abundance.  The stories which reinforce beliefs that:

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But, of course, you know that I am human.  Thus you know that I don’t always tell the later story.

Why Not Decide to Allow Them to Inspire You (Rather Than Depress You)?

But since you’re guaranteed to encounter other people experiencing the success you desire today, I hope you’ll join me in making a commitment to telling the former stories.  They feel better.  And they’re believable.

Most importantly, they are uplifting and motivational.  They serve us and help align us with our own desires.

You’ll find that, instead of feeling down, bad, or unhappy, telling these stories about other people’s successes allows more of your own.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your material experiences with your dreams and desires…