How to Resolve the Biggest Dilemma Regarding Your Unrealized Desires

push downThis post resolves an important problem caused by our adherence to old paradigms.  Take a moment and think about one desire you’ve held a long time, but have yet to realize.

Money?  Health?  A Relationship?

Just Because Old Paradigms Are Familiar Doesn’t Mean They’re the Best Ones to Use

You’re very familiar with the old paradigm I’m about to talk about – the paradigm of determinism.  The determinism paradigm says:

  1. You have a desire
  2. You take action (follow good directions) to achieve your desire
  3. Through your actions you attain your desire

Except that doesn’t always work, does it?  And, when it doesn’t work, what solution does the determinism paradigm offer you?  Just one: try harder!  Find new directions.  Rise and repeat.

But, especially in regards to the long-standing desire I asked you to envision earlier, you know how limited the determinism paradigm is.  You know it doesn’t really work.  At least not in all cases, right?

When the Action-Based Paradigm Fails You (As It Will Regularly), What is Your “Plan B”?

So what are you left to do, within the determinism paradigm?  When it doesn’t work, the only option you have left is one you know only too well.  And a very painful option it is.

You are forced to try to push down, or dampen, your desire.  Your only option left is to try telling yourself:

  • “I don’t really need that”
  • “I can be happy without it”
  • “I probably don’t deserve that”
  • “It’s probably wrong for me to want that”

But you and I know that those messages are lies.  The evidence is self-revealing; you still want that desire.  No matter how much you lie to yourself, that desire never leaves!

There’s a Reason Your Unrealized Desires Remain – It’s Okay for You to Want (and Have) Them

Don’t worry.  It’s not supposed to leave.  The attainment of that desire is not only okay for you to achieve, it’s your birthright as an amazingly powerful creator.

And we are not supposed to dampen those life-fulfilling desires!  That’s too painful a way to live.  Why would you be expected to live a life of pain and absence like this.

The good news is that there is a new paradigm you can use which actually works.  It’s the unity paradigm and, through it, you can realize your desires by conducting yourself in accordance with how the universe really functions.

What Can You Do Instead of Pretending You Don’t Want It?

Instead of dampening your desires (which doesn’t work) you can raise your beliefs to match them. (Click that link to Tweet it) You no longer have to pretend you don’t desire something, you need only raise your beliefs to meet it by consciously telling yourself better-feeling, believable stories about it.

This paradigm works just as quantum physics teaches.  The quantum field manifests your material reality in accordance with your beliefs. (Click that link to Tweet it) Or, more accurately, according to the expectations that your beliefs create for you.

Sublimating your desires never worked for you and it never will.  You were born to manifest.  Raising your beliefs does work, though.  And isn’t it wonderful to know that?

Stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to improve your physical reality…

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  1. It’s a kind of non-judgemental honesty about what you want, I think. You can’t label it or put it through the filter of how it comes off to other people.

    I grew up understanding that you have to do for yourself, earn your way to everything. It seemed to me I was supposed to feel grateful for just about anything I had growing up. Yet, I saw lots of people who had more material support like it was normal and my actual belief was that it WAS how life was supposed to be.

    So I behaved in relationships as if I didn’t inherently deserve anything, that I had to earn it. You can imagine how that manifested in my life. I went to work while an ex got his degree. I supported us. I left. I got married and carried that relationship in most ways as well. I left that. I am presently married and my husband, who earns a great salary, does not believe in joint finances. I didn’t believe it (found out after marriage when I had left my job and moved to a very remote area with limited opportunities to work in my field) so I went through my savings etc. and have felt completely blindsided. Doesn’t help that he gives his ex a check tor $2500 a month alimony, which she apparently deserves, while I “deserve” the roof over my head and credit card debt to fund my household contributions.

    We live in an affluent area where I daily see wives who are not “working” for their lifestyle. So, the idea that somehow I have not worked enough or done enough to be supported doesn’t fundamentally ring true to me. I read in your book about getting these ideas in childhood and I can plainly see it.

    I would say being honest and not defining my desire as ridiculous is the key to manifesting what I want. I DO want the universe to support me materially. I want money, surprises, gifts. I actually win things a lot. Always luxury items and trips. I manifested a $2000 brand -specific chandelier on Craigslist for $300 in less than 24 hours after I went to a lighting store and decided that was the only kind I wanted and that I would put it on a credit card rather than use the fixture I had on hand that was aesthetically all wrong. I could go on with what I’ve manifested but the final frontier is actual money. Even winning a lottery ( my cringing while writing that is telling, right?).

    I want the experience of being materially supported without having to earn it. I want to receive. That’s a little hard to embrace as a philosophy, you know. But that is what I want. Does the lottery really care who it goes to? Probably not. It goes to someone every day.

    So, any thoughts on this? Would love to hear them. 🙂

    • Yes, Christine, I have thoughts on this. Thank you for asking. And thanks, also, for sharing so much about yourself.

      I love the term “non-judgemental honesty”. It’s so appropriate. And who is it, of course, that judges us so harshly regarding our desires? Ourselves, of course.

      You desire financial abundance. You desire financial abundance that is glorious, splendid, overflowing, and comes easily into your experience.

      It is “okay” to desire that? Isn’t a desire like that “materialistic”, “vain”, “unspiritual”, and “vapid”?

      Give me a break! Hear me when I say two things:

    • 1. No one but you is going to judge your desires like that, no matter what they are. Who made those rules anyway? No one! And you are under no obligation to listen to such judgments, nor abide by them, for one second!

      2. The only people who would tell you those things fall into one of two categories:

      1. A. Someone who has also desired financial abundance for a long time and has not manifested it. These judgments are how she is justifying the absence of it in her life. It is okay, of course, for anyone to do this – yet you most certainly do not have to follow suite.

        B. Someone who has never experienced the lack of money in her life. Remember the old saying, “People who say money doesn’t matter have never had to try living without it.”

      I’m not trying to “preach” at you by the way. In your post, you didn’t indicate that you’re unable to give yourself permission to desire what you desire. I simply wanted to make those points and your post gave me a great opportunity that I didn’t want to pass up. 😉

      Here is how I’ll answer your specific questions. If you want to manifest and enjoy financial abundance in a free flowing and easy manner, all you need do is raise your beliefs to match that desire. The quantum field always becomes coherent with your energy. And your energy is delivered to the quantum field via your expectations And your expectations arise unconsciously from your beliefs. Thus, if you raise your beliefs you will automatically change your material reality (about any subject or area you desire). It’s much like a high tide raising all the boats when it comes in.

      Remember, however, that your subconscious is where your beliefs are stored. And your subconscious is concerned with one thing: your safety. To change your beliefs you have to coax your subconscious just like you’d coax a wild bunny to your back door.

      I just used an example taken from How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs, by the way. If you are not reading that book, you should start immediately. And if you are reading it, you should adhere to what you’re learning. The rest will take care of itself. I assure you of that.

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