Positive Thinking  Every now and again I like to dispel some myths about positive thinking. One of the worst is the myth that positive thinking is how to use the law of attraction. Before I created my process to align our beliefs with our desires, I had to learn the hard way that positive thinking is not a cure-all.

Positive thinking does not take the place of telling stories that guide your beliefs into coherence with your desires.  And the latter is how to truly use the law of attraction.

Though They May Feel Better, Positive Feelings Aren’t a Realistic Expectation 100% of the Time

Everyone deals with unwanted and uncomfortable feelings. It may be fear, anger, worry, stress, or a myriad of others which cause you pain on any given day. And one of the worst ways of dealing with unwanted and uncomfortable feelings is to pretend they aren’t bothering you.

There are many ways you can avoid feeling unwanted feelings and most of them will quickly cause you even more pain. People avoiding their feelings eat too much or use drugs and, yes, positive thinking can be misused in this way too.  Positive thinking, when done to avoid feeling your feelings, becomes unhealthy.

As opposed to the unhealthy variety, healthy positive thinking acknowledges how you really feel about something at the same time you’re opening yourself to its silver lining. It does not mean that you must pretend you’re happy about something unwanted. Healthy positive thinking is about enjoying the never-ending flow of opportunity the universe provides us, even during our frustrations and trials.

And, used properly, healthy positive thinking is your greatest ally when dealing with your unwanted feelings. Why? Because healthy positive thinking is one of the three most effective ways to root yourself in this moment (along with sex and gunfire).  (Click that link to Tweet it) And, when it comes to unwanted feelings, your relief will always be found in this moment.

Even When You Forget Your Watch, You Still Always Know What Time it Is; It’s Always “Right Now”

You see, when you are out of this moment and focused on the past or the future, your feelings quickly become your state of being. (Click that link to Tweet it) Your feelings become who you are.

But when you are rooted in this moment, your feelings are simply something you’re feeling in this moment. As opposed to who you are.

This is difference between saying, “I am angry” and “I feel angry”.

Try saying those two things out loud right now and feeling the difference.  Pretty dramatic, huh?

Try it for yourself. If you’re like most people you probably have something that’s pressing on you right now. Say to yourself, “I feel (insert your unwanted feeling here) in this moment, but this feeling is not who I am.  Additionally, I also know that I lack the perspective to know, definitely, whether what I’m unhappy about will truly prove to be ‘bad’ in the long run.”

That, my friend, is healthy positive thinking.

You Aren’t Your Feelings

All of a sudden, you are now merely feeling a feeling instead of being the feeling. The feeling doesn’t go away immediately (it’s not supposed to) nor is your issue “solved” right now. But it sure as heck puts you in a better place to not only address the issue more rationally, but also to function more successfully in your life while you’re addressing it.

So, while I strongly discourage using it as your way to enact the law of attraction, use positive thinking today to root you in this moment. Don’t be afraid to feel your feelings; you’ve got everything you need to not only survive them, but to thrive through them.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…