How to Manifest Money By Goosing the Quantum Field’s Butt

pinch-butt  I wrote a post recently about manifesting money by letting the universe goose you, but pinching the universe’s butt?  Is that a good idea?


The universe loves it when you pinch its bottom.

You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have

Here’s how this works.  To give something away freely you must have ample amounts of it, right?  After all, you can’t give away something that you only have just enough of.  Or, especially, something that you don’t have enough of.  Hard to give away something you don’t have in the first place.

Additionally, you can’t give something away unless you’re pretty confident you’ll get more.  If what you’re giving away is valuable to you, you have to be reasonably certain there’s more available to you to let it go so freely, correct?

So, any time you give freely, you are in a good place.  You’re blessed to be able to give because only an abundant, confident, secure, and wealthy person can do that, right?  Regardless of what it is you’re giving away freely – love, energy, time, physical assistance, advice, mentoring, etc.

It’s Like Using a Fish On a Hook to Catch Worms

So, given that it takes abundance to be in a position to give, who says you can’t utilize that knowledge in reverse order?  Who says you can’t take an action, like giving, for the intentional purpose of creating and augmenting a state of abundance, confidence, security, and wealth?  And if anyone is actually saying you can’t, tell ’em you’re too busy playing Grow a Greater You to limit yourself like that.

That’s right, when you give freely, you are not only telling your subconscious that you are abundant, confident, secure, and wealthy in regard to that which you’re giving away, but you’re also telling the quantum field the very same thing.  Giving with the intentional purpose of improving and growing your beliefs surrounding that which you’re giving is an action-based form of telling a better-feeling, believable story about those things.

The key with this kind of intentional giving is to make sure it’s believable.  That way, your giving will not only pinch the universe’s butt – it will also get the attention of your subconscious brain and coax it into creating new beliefs about the thing you’re giving away.  If what you’re doing is believable, your subconscious brain will get the message loud and clear:

“Hey, I am flush with (whatever you’re giving away); I’m have it in abundance which means I love it, deserve it, and will manifest more of it.”

Here’s How to Use Pennies to Fish for Worms

How to make it believable?  With money, give away pennies (and other change) by dropping them, rolling them, or tossing them on the ground in public places. And just as you do with finding pennies on the ground, celebrate and focus on the reminder those pennies represent of the quantum field’s infinite abundance.  Not the monetary value.

The quantum field won’t know the difference between your celebration of what the pennies represent (versus their purchasing power).  And your subconscious brain won’t be picky about that either.  The high vibration and energy of your emotions when you celebrate will be the message you pass along.

So pinch the universe’s bottom by tossing pennies in the supermarket parking lot as you walk back to your car.  And with each penny you roll out say:

“My intention is that whoever finds this penny feels blessed beyond measure; that she or he is reminded in a glorious and visceral way of the vast and unending abundance of the universe.  I hope that the recipient of this penny gets her or his entire day cranked up four notches, because she or he feels so lucky, special, and cared for.  And, additionally, I want to say ‘thank you, universe’, for blessing me with so much abundance, wealth, and resources that I can, literally, give away something that I love, cherish, and value.  What a wonderful, special opportunity I have today to have so much money that I can give it out, freely and without a care in the world.”

Both of Your Audiences Will Love It and The People Who Find Your Penny Will Be Blessed Too – Everyone Wins

The quantum field will giggle with glee at your goose.  And say:

“Wow, more money coming right up, my friend.  I read you loud and clear!”

Because the energy of “you” has formed that coherence with the energy of the field.

Additionally, your subconscious brain will take note too.  And say:

“Hmmm, we really do have some beliefs about money being abundant.  And that we love money.  I can feel the authenticity of this, I’ll allow these new ideas access to our internal rulebook.”

Because your energy, stories, and actions are not too grandiose as to be unbelievable.

Try this technique today; you’ll love the results in your life.  And you’ll also be putting little landmines of love out there to raise the energy and vibrations of your fellow human beings.  It’s a win-win and you can’t beat that!

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your dreams and desires…


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  1. Great post… I did this around Christmas last year… I took a handful of change from our change jar and walked around town dropping the coins in various places as I met a friend for coffee, went to lunch and then while I was Christmas shopping. It was actually really fun. And then towards the end of the afternoon a Gentleman standing on the street asked if I had any spare change… and since I had some left over…I gave him everything I had in my pocket (like 45 cents in pennies and nickels) I actually felt quite abundant being able to give it away so freely.. it felt great.
    Thanks for the reminder on this fun “game”.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with shifting your beliefs.

      Isn’t it wonderful to have so much that we can play with it? And give it away freely?

      I appreciate your praise and I’m honored you’ve given me an opportunity to be of value to you.

  2. I love this idea Greg!! Now what are your views on tithing? Is this showing the Universe thanks and that we feel abundant? I hear alot on the effects of tithing either to a local charity, church or wherever you have felt spiritually inspired. I am always looking for ways to show the universe that I am abundant!

    • Hello Pam. Thank you for saying so.

      Tithing is awesome. Not because there is a power separate from us who is pleased by tithing (and thus rewards us for doing so). I believe we are a part of that power, like a wave is part of the ocean – thus it does not exist “outside” or independently of us.

      It is we who reward ourselves for giving. Whether tithing, donating, giving, etc. When we give with the spirit and intent described in this post, we are amping up the possibilities that what we’re giving will be returned to us in spades. For the reasons described – the alignment it creates and the beliefs it reinforces.

      So I’m all-in for tithing. And any of form of giving and sharing done with the intent to bless and uplift. Not only can it be of great value to other people, it’s one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves.

  3. Hi Greg, I really like this game. I have an experience if you enjoy something, if you do something with love, if you like playing games, if you love what you do, the Universe gives you more of this. Few days ago I walked with my small son and we found a nice blackberry bush. So I started to pick blackberries up with big pleasure because we love them. And I was thinking: I love them, they are so tasty and my son was really happy that he could have them and savour them.Our day was more beautiful just because of few blackberries. And another days we always stoped there and picked some blackberries up. After one week I just looked little bit down the hill and there was a really huge blackberry bush, much more bigger than the first one with hundreds of blackberries. I was like: Wow, there are blackberries for all people in my living area:). So I think it is the same with money, if you like them, enjoy them, you will have them, and the more you enjoy them the more The Universe send them to you.
    Have a great day, Sarka (from Czech Republik living in Ireland)

    • Hello Sarka. I love your blackberry story. And I am honored that you’ve given me opportunities to be of value to you.

      I completely agree that the same principles apply with money. We are, after all, contextually creating every material experience we have.

      Imagine how the universe responds when we react with anger at its first, small reflections of money. We see a penny (or some amount which isn’t the huge manifestation we truly desire) and we get offended, angry, and put-off. The universe responds by saying, “Okay. I read you loud and clear. You do not enjoy this and do not want more of it.”

      As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.” That’s what the universe says to us.

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