How to Manifest Money by Getting the Universe to Pinch Your Bottom

Pennies  Want an awesome abundance game to play?  One that works, meaning it both puts you into an abundance mindset and it helps form coherence with financial abundance between you and the quantum field?

Find pennies.  Intentionally manifest them.

  • On the ground
  • In your pockets
  • In your car
  • On the sidewalk
  • Everywhere

Even Someone Who’s Not a Deliberate Creator Can Find Pennies All the Time

Intend to find them.

Call to them and conjure them by dwelling not on “Where are they?”, but on “How exciting it is to manifest a penny!”

After all, how challenging is it to find a penny?  Pennies are the fruitcake of the currency world; no one wants them.  Heck, some people just throw them away because they consider them worthless.

And, if you want to look at it that way, pennies are sort of worthless.  So you’ll have no trouble manifesting them every day because they simply are no big deal.

The Quantum Field Doesn’t Care If You Play Tricks On It

But here’s where your game kicks in.  You’re actually going to trick the quantum field.  Don’t worry – the quantum field won’t care; it makes no judgments, it just responds.

After finding a penny, privately celebrate it like you just won the lottery.  Go way overboard.  Way over the top.  Get silly with it.  Privately shout hosannas to the universe!

Don’t think that sounds like something you can realistically do?  Doesn’t sound realistic to celebrate a “dumb”, little, old penny?  After all, a penny certainly does not represent the abundance you truly desire, does it?

But here’s how you trick the quantum field with this game.  What you are celebrating is not the amount the penny represents; you are celebrating the reminder that it represents. (Click that link to Tweet it) You are celebrating the reminder that the universe is infinitely abundant and that manifesting anything is child’s play.

You are celebrating the universe “goosing” you with this penny – getting your attention and saying, “Hey my wonderful, most-special child!  I am at your service and I can and will create anything your heart desires!  And I can create your heart’s desire just as easily as I just created this penny!  Isn’t that awesome?!”

The Quantum Field Just Wants to Give You More of What You’re Celebrating

And the trick is, the quantum field doesn’t know the difference between your celebrating the amount versus celebrating the reminder.  The quantum field simply forms coherence with your energy of “This is awesome” and readily lines up to bring you more of it(Click that link to Tweet it)

And you benefit because you can truly, realistically, and believably celebrate the reminder of abundance each penny represents in the super-grand, Fourth-of-July-fireworks style I’m suggesting.

Does this game work?  You bet it does!  Try it today.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…

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  1. I’ve been doing it with any kind of currency. On average I find about a dollar a week. Sometimes I find a dollar just laying there on the ground. Sometimes it’s a five or a ten. I’m always anticipating the discovery. The other day I found a $20 just laying on the floor at the grocery store. I picked it up and looked around to see if I could identify the owner. No one was around. Thank you to the Universe!

    • Hey Trish!

      Oh yes, I do love playing this game with other denominations too. I write about pennies, though, because I can always manifest pennies.

      I actually “moved up” to dimes a year ago. Just for fun (since the amount of money I manifest is not what I’m celebrating with this game). And now I find dimes everywhere – in addition to pennies. And other denominations (like you mentioned).

      It really works, doesn’t it Trish!

      Thank you for allowing me to be of value to you today. Game on!

  2. I love playing this game of finding pennies and other money, but I’ve actually had fun lately doing the opposite and leaving money for other people to find. Sometimes a few coins by a vending machine or even a dollar or a sometimes a five dollar bill with a sticky note that say’s “This money is meant for you. Have a great day.” or something like that. It’s so fun thinking of who might find it and because I believe I get back what I give out, I seem to receive more money from all kinds of channels.

    • You are reading my mind! I have a future post planned for just this topic.

      I have taught my sons to have fun doing this. We toss coins into parking lots, sidewalks, etc. and imbue the coin with the following intention: “My desire is that this coin blesses whomever finds it, filling them with incredible joy and gratitude about the abundance and creativity of the universe. May this coin bless whomever finds it beyond all measure!”

      Then we say, “Isn’t it awesome to experience so much abundance that we can give money away?”

      I have a friend who feels more comfortable doing the same thing, but by giving his money to charity. And we do like to do that too.

      There are just so many opportunities to build new beliefs and live our way into them. They never end!

      Thank you for the coherence of your thought and energy. And thank you for sharing here.

  3. I’m new to this so i am going to start to find pennies everyday and also give money away also. thanks

    • Thank you for letting me know you’re going to do this.

      With every person who becomes a more powerful intentional creator, our global consciousness and belief system shifts a little more toward our spiritual evolution.

      So thank you for adding your energy to that paradigm shift.

    • Thank you for the question, Jon, and for giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      I explain this comprehensively and extensively in my new book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”, which is currently being formatted and will be available on Amazon very soon.

      In a nutshell, though, this is how it works:

      1. The universe is a living, omniscient, omnipresent field of energy called the quantum field.

      2. We are energy and are a part of the quantum field.

      3. The quantum field becomes coherent with our energy and, thus, our own unique, individual universe is formed in context with us.

      4. Our expectations are the vehicle through which our energy becomes coherent with the quantum field.

      5. Our expectations are formed, unconsciously, from our beliefs.

      6. Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious and, thus, we are not consciously aware of them.

      Consciousness collapses energy in our universe. And our consciousness communicates with the quantum field with energy, the vehicle for that communication being our expectations.

      Of importance for us, our true expectations are not our conscious, top-of-mind thoughts, desires, fears, hopes, intentions, etc. Our true expectations are unconscious and formed by our beliefs – thus we have virtually no control over them at all. To form expectations which will send commands to the quantum field, allowing it to create more pleasing physical experiences for us, we must go to their origin; we must align our beliefs with our desires.

      Aligning our beliefs is a commonly misunderstood process. We must do it, not through any logical, conscious, word-based forms of communication (like positive affirmations or positive thought) because our beliefs are stored in our subconscious brain. And our subconscious brain will not only fail to respond to such efforts (it does not understand word-based communication), but it will also not accept positive thought and allow it to alter existing beliefs.

      We must change our beliefs following a protocol not unlike teaching a dog to walk on a leash or teaching a wild bunny to take a carrot out of our hand. That protocol is laid out as an easy-to-follow blueprint in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs as well as in my new book. And it’s discussed extensively on this site as well.

      I hope this is helpful. Science has become much more clear in describing this process.

  4. Greg, I love the penny experiment. Its role as the manifestation of abundance is right on. I sat down and thought about the power of the penny that my dad taught me when I was about eight. He said “Take this penny and double it for 30 days and tell me how much you get.” After I viewed your video, I did a quick excel spreadsheet calculation and it came up to $5,368,709.12 truly an abundant amount.
    Several weeks ago, before I saw your video, I saw a penny walking to my car and was going to pass it by. I hesitated and decided to take it. When I arrived home I set it by my desktop computer. The day I watched your video I looked down there it was. The quantum field works in amazing ways. By the way, I love the painting you use as a background in your videos. Can you give some information about it? Thanks again for your brilliant work on the new science.

    • Glenn, thank you for sharing your wonderful “coincidence”. A coincidence is merely the quantum field’s way of keeping its anonymity.

      I also find it fun that the word “coin” is in coincidence. 😉

      The painting behind me is by Ellen Skidmore, a Lexington, KY-based artist and friend of my wife. My wife has kidded me about not filming in front of her paintings (she is a rather successful oil painter and sculptor), so I told her, “Next time for certain…”

      I love reading your praise, Glenn, because of your physics background. Please do me the honor of keeping me apprised of how Grow a Greater Glenn is unfolding.

  5. Was moving papers around on my desk at home this morning and found a penny! THANK YOU, GOD, for your abundant and unlimited provision! I put it in my pocket to pay it forward at the first opportunity, with blessings attached for its new owner.

    • Right there with you, Cat! Thank you for sharing your energy and allowing me to vicariously experience it.

      I did the same exact thing an hour ago with a penny I found in a hallway. “THANK YOU, GOD! For the reminder that the universe is abundant, creative, intelligent, generous, and beneficent!”

  6. Hi there. The penny idea is an excellent one. It’s true it’s not really about your thoughts, the universe doesn’t really respond to those or really even cares about them. What it does respond to more is the feelings of those thoughts. We must stay diligent in becoming aware of the thoughts that we are not normally aware of, (Subconscious Mind), that is where the power and energy is the strongest and the closest to this quantum energy field. Check out my blog where I have a much better explanation for this and also gives sound scientific evidence with real experiments to show it.

    • Hey Slevin. I agree that thoughts sometimes get too much attention as a source of influencing our material reality. Then again, so do feelings. People will often suggest we should chase desirable feelings as if they are the wellspring of desirable experiences (rather then an incredibly useful feedback loop regarding whether or not our beliefs about an experience are aligned with our desires for it).

      I visited your blog and don’t mind leaving your link up. (Please come back, my friend, if you click and leave).

      As an active and evolving practitioner of the greatest and most fulfilling game every imagined, “Grow a Greater You”, I have learned to speak a little less definitely about quantum experiments and measurements “proving” things such as our ability to create material reality. Why? Because the experiments and measurements, themselves, do NOT prove anything – technically.

      Except that what was observed could be measured (and recorded), of course.

      This has always been true. Science doesn’t actually, technically prove anything. We observe what we can observe and we measure what we can measure.

      What proves science, or what makes science “true”, is taking those measurements and apply them in our lives. If those applications work, then we say “This have been proven.”

      Thus, I have learned to explain it a little more like this: the double-slit experiment shows us that the observer is part of the system being measured. The conclusion (for many, but not all) is that the double-slit experiment shows us that there is no underlying concept of closed, objective, non-observer-influenced time/space events.

      Does this data prove that I can intentionally influence my material reality to be more pleasing? No.

      Did this data, and the new paradigm of the Involved Observer, lead me to try this data out in my life and see if it worked in this endeavor? Yes.

      Did it work in my life? Yes, it did.

      Was I able to use this new paradigm to intentionally align my life with my desires? You bet I was.

      Did I add other new paradigms from quantum physics to my efforts, try them out in life, and see if they, too, worked? Yes.

      And did they work? Yes, they did and they still do. Better then ever.

      And, together, they have come to comprise “Grow a Greater You”, a game everyone should try for themselves.

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