Oprah  What is financial abundance?  What is wealth?

  • Having a vacation home in the mountains or the shore?
  • Taking a couple great vacations a year to the Caribbean?
  • Having no debt at all?
  • Owning a shiny new BMW?
  • Having a million dollars in the bank?

Would you call any of those “financial abundance”?  Perhaps, but if Oprah Winfrey woke up tomorrow with any of those things she might be tempted to jump out a tall window.  After all, if she “only” had that stuff in her life, instead of what she calls financial abundance, it would be a dramatic fall for her (and others with her levels of achievement). 

I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know it Was Quite that Easy to Make Oprah Cry

She would certainly wail loudly as she grieved her situation, get angry at the mystery of who robbed her blind, and whole up with a gallon of ice cream until she steeled the resolve to get her financial abundance back.

Can we agree, then, that financial abundance, or wealth, is subjective?  That it is not defined by a pre-set “number”, but is, instead, determined by each individual.  Hey,  if you’re like me, you’d do cartwheels if you discovered five million dollars in your bank account – but I assure you that Bill Gates wouldn’t! (Click that Link to Tweet It)

So, if wealth isn’t a “number”, then what is it?

I’ll bet you know the answer already.  But I’ll bet you don’t yet know how quantum physics allows us to take advantage of that answer!  Let’s rectify that right now.

What is wealth, if we can’t define it objectively?  What is financial abundance if it is completely subjective?  The answer is – wealth is a state of being.  It is an energy.  It is not something you “acquire”; financial abundance is something you “are”. (Click that Link to Tweet It)

Or, of course, something you are not.  As most of us have experienced at various times in our lives.

Alright Big Guy, Tell Us How to Become Wealthy

So this begs the question: “Okay, Mr. Bigshot (that’s you, talking to me, by the way), tell us how quantum physics allows us to take advantage of the fact that wealth is a state of being, an energy!”

Great question.  I’m glad you asked.

Once you understand how your material reality is created in our universe, you will realize just how simple it is to manifest the wealth you desire.  And here’s how that works:

  1. All matter exists as energy before it manifests (or materializes) as a concrete, physical object.
  2. The energy of you actually forms your material reality (the concrete, physical “things” in your life) when your energy and the energy of the quantum field become coherent.
  3. When energy is coherent it is in synch.
  4. The energy of the quantum field, once coherent with the energy of you, forms a material reality that matches your energy.
  5. Another term for “your energy” is your state of being.
  6. The quantum field becomes coherent with who you are and then forms a material reality which mirrors, or is aligned, with that.

Quantum Physics Provides Us the Roadmap to Financial Abundance

Thus, I hope it is easy to see how knowing about quantum physics aides you in regards to manifesting greater wealth, or financial abundance.

If you want more wealth, the most important thing you need do is not get another job, learn a valuable skill, or find oil in your backyard.  Those things are all nice, helpful tools which will obviously augment your wealth.  But the single most important thing you much do if you wish to manifest grander financial abundance is to foster your own internal sense of abundance – to make wealth more of who you are. (Click that Link to Tweet It)

Fortunately, quantum physics (and this website) has already shown you exactly how to do that.  So don’t make Oprah cry; grow your own prosperity energy, your wealth consciousness, and watch the universe respond like clockwork to it.  Believe me – I know.  After years of failing to manifest wealth like I truly desired, I’m living it right now!

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…