Greg at The Hold Steady Chicago July 2014  My wonderful wife surprised me with a couple nights in Chicago as our anniversary gift.  And two tickets to see my favorite band, The Hold Steady.  What a cool wife, huh?

Chicago is our favorite town – tied with Charleston, SC.  In fact, sitting on in a lounge next to the Chicago River Wednesday evening, we both remarked that it might be just as cool to own some property in Chi-town as it is in Charlestown.  Isn’t it fantastic to feel new desires be born and know that, if we want to manifest them, all we need to do is grow our beliefs into alignment with ’em?

The quantum field never disappoints, of course.  In addition to being on the front row for an amazing concert, we got to say hello to The Hold Steady’s lead singer, Craig Finn, outside the venue before the show.  What an amazing journey life is.

Shawn and Greg in Chicago July 2014  Here we are enjoying our last night downtown.

How Do We Know When We’re Ready to Move on to Write About a New Emotional Perspective?

We talked about how we know when we’ve lived our way into a new belief.  Here is the litmus test.  When you’re working your way up the Emotional Reference Chart, you know you’ve truly lived your way into a new emotional perspective, and are ready to move on and write about the next emotion, when:

  1. We find that is no longer so challenging to bring ourselves back into our new emotional perspective.  We don’t find it as necessary to pull ourselves up from lower perspectives, nor talk ourselves down from higher ones.  We find ourselves more naturally telling ourselves better-feeling, believable stories about our Strikeout Desire from our new emotional perspective.
  1. We see a universe which reflects our new emotional perspective.  Our material experiences regarding our Strikeout Desire are reflective of our new perspective, which give us the helpful feedback we need to know that we have adopted a new, slightly more aligned belief regarding our Strikeout Desire.

It is not necessary to do this perfectly before we move on to write about the next highest emotional perspective on the Emotional Reference Chart.  While our ability to self-diagnose in this area will strengthen with practice, we can be assured that our feelings and our material experiences will provide us with the accurate and reliable feedback we need to direct our efforts.

Be There: Indianapolis, July 12th

Also, don’t forget to get yourself to Indianapolis this Saturday, July 12th, for an opportunity to grow a greater you.  With me.  Live and in person in a hands-on “Grow a Greater You” workshop.

Heartland Miracles is our host and I would love to get a chance to meet you and say “thank you”.  Thank you, of course, for helping me manifest my greatest desire: making suffering optional.

And If You’re in Louisville on July 13th…

Come see me give a talk to a wonderful fellowship of spiritual seekers on July 13th at 10:30 AM.

I’ve been invited to address the Sunday service of the Louisville Center for Spiritual Living.  You’ll undoubtedly enjoy growing with this beautiful group, as I did when I attended last Sunday.  And we’ll get to meet – which would be a lot of fun.

See you there.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest your dreams…