How To Heal Someone, Cowboy-Style

cowboy  I attend the Louisville Center for Spiritual Living almost every Sunday.  It’s a Science of Mind church led by Reverend Carolyn Harvill.

I’m not a Science of Mind practitioner, but I absolutely love the positivity, open-mindedness, and spiritual joy shared with me each week.

Hey, What Do You Say You Join Me?

In fact, I’m doing a fundraiser for LCSL on February 15th.  I’d absolutely love to see you there.

But get a full night’s sleep before, because my “Grow a Greater You” seminar is blowing the doors off their hinges that day!

Sagebrush Sam Freaked Them Out

Recently Reverend Miller told us a story about a rough-and-tumble (real) cowboy named Sagebrush Sam who appeared one day to study with Earnest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind in the early 20th Century.

Sam was far from a typical Holmes student with his worn, dusty jeans and his tobacco-stained mustache.  In fact, other Science of Mind students were actually a little wary of this unusual and quiet man.

Who Knew Sam Could Speak the Word?

According to Reverend Harvill, a woman with a very bad head cold took a seat next to Sam in class one morning.  Although he usually kept to himself, Sam was prompted by this lady’s wheezing and sneezing to ask if she’d like him to heal her by speaking the word.

“Speaking the word” refers to the Science of Mind practice of praying for things in a positive way – thanking God for something as if that desire has already been granted.

The woman agreed.  So Sam prayed.

And Who Expected Sam’s Word to Heal?

Instantly, it’s been said, the woman excitedly exclaimed that her cold was completely gone.  She had been healed by Sam!

What power, huh?  What an example of unreserved faith being perfectly aligned with a desire!  What motivation and inspiration for people learning to intentionally influence our material experiences.

What an example for us to aspire towards.  I don’t know about you, but I want to be that powerful some day!

Wait…Who Did You Think I Was Talking About?

Here’s the catch though.

I wasn’t referring to Sam just then.  I was referring to the woman!

In a textbook example of the quantum paradigm of the “Involved Observer,” that woman was every single bit as responsible for her healing as Sam.  She was every ounce as powerful as Sam, too.  In fact, she was actually more involved in the healing than Sam – because, in addition to believing it, she had to allow it.

We Can All Be As Powerful As Her If We Desire

And the beauty of the perspective provided us by the “Involved Observer” is this:

We might never be able to, or need to, play Sam’s role in someone’s life.  But all of us can play the role of that woman!

All of us can align our beliefs with our desires and allow ourselves to be assisted by powerful people.  Helped by people whom we have chosen to imbue with great value.  We can all allow ourselves to experience such awesomeness and help from a guru, leader, or expert any time we decide.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for applying new paradigms from quantum physics so you can align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…

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  1. The LOA and other people is such a interesting/difficult subject. Having a teenage son, I wish for so many things for him but realize he has to be the one putting out the positive feeling. Right now it seems to be all negative feelings on his part. In the meantime, I can only say I have had to focus on how I feel since he can drag the good thoughts right out of me. What might you recommend on how to deal with negative family specifically those that won’t help themselves? The negative friends I have decided to see less and less of but can’t do that with my child. I value you perspective!

    • Hey Jen. Thank you for your compliments and for allowing me to be of value to you.

      Here is what I’ve found regarding family members, loved ones, and other people in general.

      The only power we have is to be intentional about creating the best version of someone in our individual universe. Which means, of course, telling the best-feeling, believable story about someone. All the time. No matter what.

      That may be our only power – but I want to tell you that is an amazing power. And exercising that power changes everything – it really does change that person, for us, in our individual universe!

      And doing so also can have an effect on the person, herself. If only because we’re now seeing our best possible version of her and treating her as such. She feels that energy, responds to the uplifting treatment, and can rise to meet our better-feeling expectations. I’ve experienced it myself, my friend!

      Grow the version of your son in your individual universe. See and feel the power of that choice.

      Remember, just as with everything else, there really is no such thing as “the way it is.” Only the way we’re choosing to create it.

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