Influence  Here it is. The perfect plan to have as little influence as possible over your material experiences.

Part 1. Look outside yourself to identify problems causing any displeasure.

Someone, or something, is messing with your life and causing you to have undesirable material experiences.

You know the drill here:

  • I’m not pretty enough.
  • Money is hard to come by.
  • College was just too boring.
  • The instructions never worked for me.
  • My genes make me fat.
  • My partner hurts my feelings.
  • Healthy food simply tastes bad.
  • Republicans are heartless.
  • Self-help teachers are con artists.
  • My job is too monotonous.
  • I’m not that smart.
  • The car I can afford is unreliable.

The basic theme you simply must keep alive is that pain, displeasure, and suffering has two sources. You must either blame someone, or something, else for your painful material experiences. Or you can blame yourself for your pain.

Make absolutely certain that 99% of time, you put the blame for your pain on someone else, something else, or yourself.

Part 2. One you’ve blamed your painful material experiences on the correct source responsible, decide how that source must change for your material experiences to become more pleasing.

You’re undoubtedly practiced in the art of identifying who, or what, is responsible for your pain; don’t stop now.

You know how this works:

  • My boss needs to get a clue and recognize how hard I work.
  • The unfair tax code needs to focus on the wealthy and let me keep more.
  • Teachers need to get more respect.
  • I need to stop being so weak-willed.
  • My children need to listen to me.
  • Society needs to stop making useless celebrities and athletes rich.
  • My parents need to either apologize or leave me alone.
  • My partner needs to get off the Internet and make time for me.
  • I need more hours in the day.

Your only focus should be upon how the people or things making your life difficult need to change. What do the sources of your painful material experiences need to do differently so you can be pleased?

Part 3. Correct, adjust, change, alter, or otherwise monkey-with the sources of your painful material experiences so they stop making your life miserable.

If you have the power to physically adjust the responsible party or thing, go for it. If you aren’t currently able to change things yourself, however, make sure you try to manipulate change using whatever connection you have at your disposal.

You’re familiar with this:

  • I’ll quit working so hard at my job if they’re not going to pay me what I’m worth.
  • I’m going to give my partner the silent treatment until she decides to stop making me so unhappy.
  • I’ll take some drugs or drink some coffee so I can have more energy today.
  • I’m so sick of being fat, starting today I’m going to start starving myself.
  • My brother is no longer invited to my house unless he tells me he’s sorry.
  • If this book doesn’t change my life, I’m through with self-help.
  • I’m going to get a weekend job because I’m so sick of being in debt.

Hold those tormentors accountable!

Step 4. Complain to yourself, and anyone who will listen, about how unfair life is and how the deck is stacked against you.

You can’t win.  You already know that – which is exactly why you are so interested in this formula for having minimal influence over your material experiences.  Life happens “to” you, right?

You complete the cycle here, in step 4, by commemorating your status as a victim to anyone who will commiserate with you.

You’ve said things like these before:

  • I knew it wouldn’t work.
  • To have those things you have to be lucky or born into the right family.
  • As usual, I can’t follow through on my commitments.
  • If I didn’t laugh about this, I’d cry.
  • Why bother?
  • I told you it would fail.
  • I guess that’s simply not for me.
  • What did I expect?
  • That’s just the way it is.

Be sure to surround yourself with people who will pat you on the back, affirm your victim-of-life status, and say, “Don’t feel too glum; it never works for me either.”  Consider yourself fortunate to have not sold your soul, like all those other people who got what they really wanted.

There you have it.  Your perfect formula to have as little influence over your material experiences as possible.

You Know I’m Really Pointing Out What NOT To Do, Right?

I hope you know, of course, that my tongue has been firmly planted in my cheek through this entire article.  Aren’t you grateful you no longer have to live like this?

And stay tuned to this site from more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and exert maximum influence over your material experiences…