How to Fool the Quantum Field and Put Your Desires on the Fast Track

FakeOut  Do you ever  find yourself frustrated because you seem to be missing the mark in an area of your life? (Click that link to Tweet it) Unable to achieve a desired outcome?

One important tip you can remember is that the “thing” or outcome you desire is not what you actually want.  What you actually desire is the feeling that “thing” or outcome will give you.

New Beliefs Equal New Manifestations

You know from my Why Quantum Physicists… series that telling yourself the best-feeling, believable story about your life experiences builds new beliefs for you.  And the quantum field responds to your beliefs when it manifests into your material reality.

Telling yourself the best-feeling, believable stories about all your life’s circumstances, over time, builds and cements new, improved beliefs.  It reforms your habitual neural network of thought.  And since the quantum field is responding to your beliefs (and, more importantly, the expectations those beliefs elicit) to create your physical reality, improving your beliefs will always be your key, long-term, to more fully realizing your dreams and goals. (Click that link to Tweet it)

How To Manifest Even Before Your Beliefs Have Grown to Be Aligned with Your Desires

In the meantime, however, you can “fool” the quantum field and kick-start your alignment with your desires.  What if you, for example, removed the “middle man”?  What if you remove the necessity to have the outcome which will give you the feelings you desire? (Click that link to Tweet it)

What would happen if you decided to feel those desired feelings right now, regardless of whether that “thing” or outcome was actually in your possession at this moment?

I’ll tell you what would happen.  You’d have that “thing” or outcome (whether or not you currently possess it).  Because you’ll have those feelings!

When you “fool” the quantum field in this manner, you always win.

So practice this shortcut today, while you’re also building your new beliefs through the better-feeling, believable stories you’re telling.  You’ll love the results.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques regarding the use of new paradigms from quantum physics to realize your dreams and desires…


  1. franco says

    What do you do if you can’t even imagine what it would feel like to have the ‘thing’, ‘experience’, etc?

    • GregoryKuhn says

      Hello Franco. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Good question. Here’s how I answer it: conjure the feelings you wish the desire to create for you. What are the good feelings you wish to have (and that you imagine the manifestation of your desire will give you)?

      It’s difficult to imagine a circumstance where that wouldn’t be attainable. You want the “thing” after all, right? All you’re answering is “why” you want that “thing”.

  2. Margaret says

    In business, do we need people to cooperate with our goal, or do we not? I’m stuck on imagining how it will happen.

    • GregoryKuhn says

      Hey Margaret. Thank you for your comment/question. I’ve found that, in envisioning success in business endeavors, I imagine myself providing great value to my partner. And I imbue my efforts, while creating that which I’ll be selling, with a focus on creating great value – which helps me envision that later.

      I’ve found that buying and selling, like everything else in our material world, are just two different perspectives of the same thing. The same event. Thus, whether I’m “buying” or “selling”, I’m actually participating in the same thing. That realization also helps me envision a successful interaction with my business partner or client.

      In these ways, the cooperation I desire winds up being generated internally. I feel confident that I’m doing my client a wonderful service, providing her with something of great benefit, and I’m simply participating in the shared act of “Value Transferred” from my current perspective of “selling” or “providing”.

      • Margaret says

        Yes, I think I see what you mean. When I approach business in the state of helping others, they will be more interested. I have been thinking of my lack and need, so that is what I get. Minding my speech and thought input will help me find the right people and move toward my goals. Thank you so much for your insight.

        • GregoryKuhn says

          Yes, Margaret. For me, I try to always remember that the “outside” world is merely a reflection of my inside world. What is inside is the real driver of my material experiences. Of my life, for that matter.

          So, if what is inside me is a willingness to always participate the act of “Value Transferred” (and a desire to do so), then I’m going to experience that from those around me too.

  3. Susan Cooper says

    I understand feelings and expectations are the most important part, I am working on my expectations to be better but I always have trouble with the feelings parts. I think remembering that the outside world is a reflection of the inside is wonderful. I will try from now on. Any other advice on feelings?

    • GregoryKuhn says

      Hey Susan. Great to see your question; thank you for stopping by.

      Here is what I believe about feelings: Our feelings are meant to be felt and acknowledged. Never denied or covered up. Yet they are also not meant to define who we are and what our state of being is; feelings are merely a feedback loop regarding whether or not our beliefs are aligned with our desires.

      When I feel angry, therefore, I do not say that I “am angry”. I say that I am “experiencing anger in this moment.” Anger is not “who” I am; anger is merely a feeling I’m experiencing which lets me know that my beliefs about a certain topic (the topic about which I’m feeling anger) are not aligned with my desires for that topic.

      I hope that clarifies things.

      • says

        well, if you’d like to take that theory one step further, you’re not who is experiencing the anger… you are what is AWARE of that which is experiencing the anger… something most people don’t even want to discuss, since it means the end of “me”, in the limited ego-sense of the word… but, hey, the TRUTH will set you free!!

        • GregoryKuhn says

          I hear you, Frank! I see I’m “preachin’ to the choir” with you. I couldn’t agree more.

          And, in fact, if you delve further into this site (and my books) you’ll see that idea expounded upon.

          Our brain wants so badly to be “us”, but it is not. It can be very afraid of the real “us” (the energy which is conscious and aware) because it knows its existence is finite.

          I regularly sooth my brain by reminding it that it is merely a collection of atoms and (mostly) hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. Just like every other material object in the universe. But what a miraculous collection it is!

          And I thank my brain for the fantastic role it plays in allowing me to have this amazingly fun experience called “Being a Human on Earth”. I also express gratitude to it for being so instrumental in allowing me to play the most incredible and fulfilling game ever created (in fact, the game we came here to play) called, “Grow a Greater Me”.

          Couldn’t do either of those things without my good, old brain!

  4. Sonia says

    Couldn´t find any articles relating specifically to money, so have put this here. 2 days ago I read your book; ¨Why QP Do Not Fail´ I started to practice changing my beliefs straight away regarding money. This afternoon I got a cheque out of the blue for the equivalent of $500 (I live in Spain; Euros). I would love to think this is the result of my beliefs changing and not just a coincidence.

    • GregoryKuhn says

      Yes, Sonia! I am very happy to read your comment. I use this process on money/financial abundance with regular (and often amazing) results.

      And one of my next books will be specifically about financial abundance. Thanks for more inspiration!

      And keep on manifesting; there are no such things as coincidences. Coincidences are the universe’s way of keep its magic anonymous.

  5. Rob says

    Hello, can you explain how to begin to change my beliefs? When I try to think of my beliefs I want to change, like money/abundance and really anything else, I have difficulty thinking of ways or how to do so. Can you give me some pointers or point me in the right direction to research this topic?

    • GregoryKuhn says

      Hello Rob. Thank you for taking the time to leave a message.

      If you look at the “Cool Articles” page on my site (, you’ll see articles that talk about beliefs and about storytelling. Both topics will get you started.

      And…in about a week, I’ll have my new book available on Amazon. It’s called How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs. And its a coach-in-book-form for just the query you’ve posted! I look forward to hearing what you think.

      P.S. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter; I’ll be giving away some copies soon.

  6. says

    hi ,.great great material,. I find u last night on youtube , and I start learning about the law of attracion , quantum field and spirituali about one mount now, its a new world for me now and Im enjoy and believe more day by day,. I find here many answer, Im glad in know ur work I think now and I believe I atract your wisdom and knowlegde to my life… everything start make sence for me now, (how it works , how we can make that happen, and many many good things) ..thanks for sharing this knowlegde
    love & light

    • GregoryKuhn says

      Hey Damien. Yep it does. Yet the feelings (and unconscious expectations) you have, stemming from your beliefs, are even more important. While actions are important, feelings trump actions every time.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Sonia says

    I am finding it hard to focus on changing my beliefs via the emotional reference chart, because I find myself writing about other desires that have nothing to do with the desire I am focusing on. Does this matter? Or should I try even harder to just stick to my most important desire?

    • GregoryKuhn says

      Hey Sonia. Thanks for writing.

      I find that working my way up the chart works best focused upon one desire at a time. And writing on one desire at a time.

      Getting distracted during my writing (and focusing) is sometimes a sign that I’m not working the process on my most important desire.

      I hope that helps.

      I’m glad you’re joining us in working this process! It’s an exciting and fulfilling way of life.

  8. Rochelle says

    Hi Greg,

    I just bought your book and trying to change my beliefs. I’ve had little success with manifesting (for the last few years) because I simply cannot believe the things I tell myself. Exactly like you say, ‘trying to put a smiley face’ doesn’t work. So I’m now hoping that your method, will help me gradually start changing my beliefs.

    My question to you is,

    I don’t know where on the chart to start. I know it has to be somewhere toward the bottom but I don’t know exactly where to start. In such a case should I start right at the bottom?

    Can I start at Depression even though I have thoughts of Doubt and sometimes even feel Indifferent?

    Also if I start at ‘depression’ once I write out all my depressing thoughts, do I have to live in a depressive mood through the entire day, day 2, day 3, until I cannot feel depressed anymore and am forced to start feeling better?

    I’m eagerly waiting your next book and hope I would have mastered this very well, before the book is out, so I can benefit from your new teachings at a higher level.


    • GregoryKuhn says

      Hello Rochelle. Thank you for writing.

      Are you reading How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs? If so, most of the answers you’re seeking are in there.

      In a nutshell, you start by writing about how you truly feel when you think about your desire (not how you want to, nor “ought to” feel). Then find where you are on the chart. If you have a number of emotional reference points that you can identify, go with your gut and choose the strongest one. Start there and buoy yourself by remembering that you can’t do it “wrong” (unless you never start).

      Regarding how you live your way into the new emotional reference point: simply focus on that emotion solely in regards to your desire for that day (or two). In other words, you needn’t feel that emotion about everything, all day long! Just your desired outcome.

      I also suggest you check out Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail for some advanced discussion about storytelling. It will be of value to you.

  9. Rochelle says

    Thank you Greg. This helps. I had missed out that part about writing exactly how I feel and checking out which one of the emotional stages it most resonates with. Going to do that right now, after writing to you.

    Also purchased your book on WQP do not fail. Will read that while simultaneously working on uplifting my emotional status gradually.

    • GregoryKuhn says

      Thank you Rochelle. I am grateful that you’ve allowed me to be a stepping stone on your way to the fulfillment of your greatest desire: to become the amazingly powerful creator that you’ve always known you truly are.

      Practice, practice, practice. And let nothing dissuade you.

      You cannot (and will not) fail. And I’ll be cheering the loudest for you as you grow!

  10. michael riddick says

    Hey, Im 17, i’ve researched a lot on the law of attraction, and the powers of the subconscious mind, and while i really do believe, while i can explain how it works to others, even while i turn negative circumstances, into positive’s by finding the good in them, ultimately i have not achieved the pinnacles i aim to achieve, i constantly have this hindering feeling that something is holding me back and i don’t know why. i meditate, i focus on how i would feel if i already achieved, and i try my hardest to be patient but i feel like I’m doing something wrong, i feel like there are steps I’m missing, something i have to learn in order to make manifestation occur more precisely and quickly. Do you have any advice to pass on to me? Is there anything that you feel i need to hear, please respond as soon as you find the time. I need guidance.

    • GregoryKuhn says

      Hey Michael. Your questions are welcomed here.

      The answers to your questions, which are the most common about creating your life intentionally, are found in raising your beliefs to match your desires. No amount of positivity or positive thinking can overcome beliefs that are not in alignment with your desires.

      Your frustrations are very common too, by the way.

      If you’re interested, I have an entire series of best-selling books which teach you how to align your beliefs with your desires. You can look ‘em up from this site.

      Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be of value to you today.

  11. Tricia chaddic says

    Hi Greg – I am so excited at finding your books! I’ve been into LOA for years. Have continued to be frustrated with poor results, until now! Reading Why QP Creat More Abundance set a fire under me,
    of much anticipation! I’m also now reading How QP Build New Beliefs – just finished writing my pages
    of what I am feeling now about money. Real soul dump, there!

    The funny thing is — I just KNOW this will work, I just KNOW this is the missing piece and that I can kick this abundance thing over the top and finally attract what I have long desired. I’m committed to do the work as you lay it out in “…Build New Beliefs”. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you SO MUCH
    coming up with a process that makes sense!

    • GregoryKuhn says

      Tricia, I’m pleased you’ve made yourself known and I appreciate your praise.

      I echo your sentiments; I’ve seen it work in my life and many, many others. Your inner knowing is correct – if you work this process it absolutely will work for you and you will manifest a life much more aligned with your desires than you previously thought possible.

      Please don’t be a stranger. And thank you for letting me know I’ve been of value to you.

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