FakeOut  Do you ever  find yourself frustrated because you seem to be missing the mark in an area of your life? (Click that link to Tweet it) Unable to achieve a desired outcome?

One important tip you can remember is that the “thing” or outcome you desire is not what you actually want.  What you actually desire is the feeling that “thing” or outcome will give you.

(Important Disclaimer: This technique is for desires you normally experience, but have been missing-in-action lately.  For long-absent desires, stick with my Grow a Greater You game as written)

New Beliefs Equal New Manifestations

You know from my Why Quantum Physicists… series that telling yourself the best-feeling, believable story about your life experiences builds new beliefs for you.  And the quantum field responds to your beliefs when it manifests into your material reality.

Telling yourself the best-feeling, believable stories about all your life’s circumstances, over time, builds and cements new, improved beliefs.  It reforms your habitual neural network of thought.  And since the quantum field is responding to your beliefs (and, more importantly, the expectations those beliefs elicit) to create your physical reality, improving your beliefs will always be your key, long-term, to more fully realizing your dreams and goals. (Click that link to Tweet it)

How To Manifest Even When Your Beliefs Don’t Seem Aligned with Your Desires

In the meantime, however, you can “fool” the quantum field and kick-start your alignment with your desires.  What if you, for example, removed the “middle man”?  What if you remove the necessity to have the outcome which will give you the feelings you desire? (Click that link to Tweet it)

What would happen if you decided to feel those desired feelings right now, regardless of whether that “thing” or outcome was actually in your possession at this moment?

I’ll tell you what would happen.  You’d have that “thing” or outcome (whether or not you currently possess it).  Because you’ll have those feelings!

When you “fool” the quantum field in this manner, you always win.

I put “fool” in quotes, however, because we can never actually fool the quantum field.  Please remember that this is a temporary technique and not one to use when you are working your way up the Emotional Reference Chart.

Don’t Confuse This Technique with Chasing Desired Emotional States as If They are Responsible for Your Reflections

While this technique will never replace using an appropriate methodology to actually retrain your subconscious brain and build new, aligned beliefs, it will allow you to nudge them closer to alignment while you follow that protocol (gleaned from my books).  And if your beliefs are already aligned with your desires, it will nudge them back up where they normally are.

Your emotions are, after all, neither the source of your pleasing manifestations, nor are they the cause of your displeasing ones.  Your material reality is, instead, a mirror-perfect reflection of your beliefs.  Not of “you”, of course, but of your beliefs.

Either way, this technique feels good and puts you in a position to be most resilient and see the greatest array of potential, possibilities, and opportunities.

So practice this shortcut today, while you’re also building your new beliefs through the better-feeling, believable stories you’re telling.  You’ll love the results.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques regarding the use of new paradigms from quantum physics to realize your dreams and desires…