How to Find Real Financial Abundance Day Two

How to Find Real Financial Abundance in a Place You Never Actually Thought to Look: and Gain Complete Control of the Only Thing Truly Necessary to Create it!


Day Two Notes


Section One: How Do I Feel and Where Am I on the Emotional Reference Chart?

Question: What are your specific money desires and why?

Question: After you wrote how you really feel, right now, about how you’re currently manifesting money (compared to how you desire to), where did you find yourself on the Emotional Reference Chart?

It is natural to feel some defensiveness related to how you think you “should” or “ought to” feel about money.

Defensiveness is a wonderfully informative tool; defensiveness simply means you’re not being truly honest with yourself about how you really feel in that moment.  If you really felt the way you’re claiming, after all, you would feel very calm and composed when questioned about it.


Section One Take Away:

  1. Being specific about your money desires and why you have them can be disconcerting, if not downright frightening
  2. We are not accustomed to feeling worthy of stating our specific money desires, let alone worthy of manifesting them
  3. We do not state specific money desires as a Newtonian Manifesting technique; we state specific money desires because it allows us to clearly see how we really feel about money right now and, thus, find our starting point on the Emotional Reference Chart.



Section Two: Emotions – Why They’re Important and How to Use Them Appropriately.


The universe responds to what we expect, our beliefs, not how we feel – not how strongly we desire something.

Emotions have three phases:

  1. We experience them
  2. We express them
  3. We release them


Stuck emotions are emotions that didn’t get the three-phase treatment, which causes you experience one or both of the following:

  1. Not feel anything
  2. Feel the same thing over and over


Playing “Grow a Greater You” allows you to heal your stuck emotions and move through them as you learn to employ them as the wonderful source of information they are intended to be.

Here is how you put emotions through the three phases while playing “Grow a Greater You”:

  1. Identify where you are on the Emotional Reference Chart with complete honesty
  2. Write about your money desires from the next highest emotional perspective from the Chart
  3. Live your way into the next highest emotional perspective, via telling the best-feeling, believable story


Repeat this process until you have found your way up the Emotional Reference Chart.


Section Two Take Away:

  1. Emotions are here to be experienced and to teach us about the alignment (or lack thereof) between our beliefs and our desires
  2. We experience our emotions, express them, and release them – otherwise they become stuck and rule our lives
  3. Playing “Grow a Greater You” always moves us healthily through the three phases of emotions



Section Three: Now It Is Your Turn to Play, Share, and Ask Questions 

Question: How do you currently feel about being worthy of manifesting money in accord with your desires for it?  Where are you on the Emotional Reference Chart?


Write about the next highest emotional perspective.


Live your way into that next highest emotional perspective.


Section Three Take Away:

  1. Find where you are on the Emotional Reference Chart and trust you’re right where you’re supposed to be
  2. Write about the next highest emotional perspective on the Chart
  3. Live your way into the next highest emotional perspective on the Chart


  1. So Greg…I’m bouncing around over here from happy(in hope) like Snoopy to whatever it is I’m feeling now. Just in general – not specifically b/c of money. A little pissed off at what I perceive as going back through all that shit – growing up as an outsider in my family with a mother that hated me – I was her shame – so I rebelled and got into lots of stuff which (I believe) is the cause some of my health issues now. Now as I think about my less than abundant life I see my half-sister and half-brothers living the good life – traveling, summer houses, etc. I raised my 2 daughters across the country from them on my own. They used to be my source of pride – graduated from Cornell and MIT and living with good husbands and plenty. I am still proud of them, of course. But that is not enough anymore. Here I am with not much – my Soc Sec and pension – my mobile home in need of some repair, alone almost all of the time. I isolate myself b/c of shame I feel about my circumstances and also from feeling like an aberration – I am not able to present myself the way I see myself. I am embarrassed about myself. Your Bob says my ego is in the way, trying to stop me from changing cuz it wouldn’t be safe or prudent from ego’s point of view and so I will pretend a little longer and not move on. I feel self-comtempt right at this very moment. (I am not my feelings – my feelings are just my a way for me to bring change in my beliefs). It is exhausting to get real with your feelings and scary and I want to just give up – I won’t give up – I never have, really. Thank you for being you and I honor your honesty and integrity. Bless you!

    • Beverly, it is truly an honor when I get to exchange energy with another person who, in this moment, shares a kindred commitment to Quantum Manifesting.

      One thing I promise you is that you will never release a monster from the closet. There is no emotion waiting to be discovered that will attack and destroy you; your emotions have grown their illusion of power, unintentionally, through their misuse.

      As you practice using your feelings correctly, as sources of information and not to define your state of being, their power and influence will continue to diminish. Before you know it, displeasing emotions have simply become, for the most part, a tap on your shoulder, calling your attention to a belief that is not aligned with your desired outcome.

      Such taps most likely won’t come when you’re displeased by a broken fridge, a really high gas and electric bill, your pet dog running away, or your son not calling on Mother’s Day. No. When you experience those things, they will continue to “suck” because that’s how they’re “supposed” to feel. It’s just that, with the complete emotional honesty of Quantum Manifesting, they’re going to suck once, be fully felt, and then released. With Newtonian Manifesting those events would have sucked for the rest of your life (with you going to whatever lengths necessary to deny you really felt that way).

      But when it comes to relationships with your children, your health, your home, money, and your relationships with your parents (which is still ongoing, by the way, regardless of them not being physically present anymore), you will be so entranced and enraptured to receive that tap on your shoulder. Because those are things you want to experience differently and now you really can.

      Now you really know how all those important things get changed:

      A. You intentionally raise your beliefs about being worthy of your desire gently into alignment with your desired experiences

      B. Your beliefs cast new, gradually more pleasing, reflections back to you in the people, places, and things you experience

      C. All you do is simply pay attention to your feelings. Don’t “make” yourself have an emotion; let your true, current feelings be the revealing messengers of how aligned your beliefs are, at each emotional perspective, to your desire

      D. In the end we all realize at least two things:

      1. When we change our beliefs, we transform the people, places, and things we experience into exactly what we want and need to manifest our desires

      2. Contrary to Newtonian Manifesting, “the gift”, or the fulfillment of your desire, does not lay in wait for you at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart; the gift you’ve been waiting your whole life for is found right here, right now, in your current emotional perspective

      Thank you for playing Beverly. I am proud of you.

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