How to Find Real Financial Abundance Day One

How to Find Real Financial Abundance in a Place You Never Actually Thought to Look: and Gain Complete Control of the Only Thing Truly Necessary to Create it!


Day One Notes


Section One: Learning the Difference Between Newtonian Manifesting and Quantum Manifesting


Question: What have you done to have, or manifest, more money? 

As you list each strategy, action, and technique, please place it into one of two categories: Newtonian Manifesting or Quantum Manifesting

(Newtonian Manifesting is “content focused”.  Newtonian Manifesting is all about focusing on the “thing” you desire; everything you “do” is aimed at creating, acquiring, or finding the “thing” you desire.  Quantum Manifesting is “context focused”.  Quantum Manifesting is all about focusing on your beliefs, the source of all the reflections which comprise your material reality; everything you “do” is aimed at changing your beliefs so they cast a more pleasing reflection aligned with your desires.)


Most of what you listed are undoubtedly methods of Newtonian Manifesting.

Newtonian methods of manifesting do work.  But they only work sometimes; they only work for certain people or only under certain conditions or circumstances.  Newtonian Manifesting is unreliable.


Here are the main differences between Newtonian Manifesting and Quantum Manifesting:

  • Newtonian Manifesting involves “doing” something to bring about a desired outcome.
  • Quantum Manifesting involves “being” the desire, through aligning your beliefs with it, and paying attention to the new, more-pleasing reflections your “being” is now casting.

With Quantum Manifesting you may very well “do” something like “make a budget and stick to it” to manifest more money.  But with Quantum Manifesting you will not “do” that to “create” financial abundance; you will “do” that as a completely natural, authentic, internally-inspired idea, action, or inspiration which flows out of you without contriving it or remembering that you “should” do it.

With Quantum Manifesting you do not “look for” money as in “Where is it?  I’m ‘doing’ everything correctly.  It should be here!”  With Quantum Manifesting, as you grow your beliefs about money into alignment with your desires, you simply pay attention to your feelings about every person, place, and thing you experience – noting the information your feelings provide and letting your reflections grow more pleasing of on their own accord.

Playing “Grow a Greater You” and aligning your beliefs about money with your desires for it is Quantum Manifesting that method is absolutely reliable.  Changing your beliefs about money is guaranteed to change the reflection of it your beliefs create.


Section One Take Away:

  1. Any time we intentionally “do” something to “make” money manifest, unless we’re authentically inspired, we’re Newtonian Manifesting.
  2. Newtonian Manifesting is unreliable; Quantum Manifesting is incredibly reliable
  3. To Quantum Manifest, we mustn’t “do” things to manifest money unless we are authentically inspired to do them as a genuine reflection of who we are becoming and, to ensure that is the case, we must always be completely honest with ourselves about how we feel.



Section Two: Overcoming the Primary Myth about Your Feelings and Their Role in Manifesting More Money


We’ve been told that positive feelings about money will bring about more money manifestations.

We’ve been told that negative feelings about money keep our limiting beliefs alive and reinforce money’s absence.

The universe, we’ve been told, listens and responds to our feelings.


To explore the role of your feelings, do two things right now:

  1. State your money desires pro-actively. State what you want from money, not what you want to use money to escape.
  2. State your money desires specifically. How much money do you really want?


Many people have trouble doing those things quickly.  They feel guilty, ashamed, afraid, unworthy, etc.

What feelings came up for you?

Was naming and claiming those feelings any easier than stating your money desires pro-actively and specifically?

If so, you’re not alone.  Many people have been lead to believe their feelings are a source of their money manifestations.  But “making” positive feelings about money in order to have more money is like painting your car a different color so it will run better.

There is no correlation between “making” positive feelings about money and manifesting more money.

Manifesting more money, however, is 100% correlated with the positivity of your feelings about it.


Section Two Take Away:

  1. Contriving or intentionally creating positive feelings about money has zero impact on manifesting more money.
  2. But manifesting more money almost always produces very positive feelings about it.



Section Three: How Money Really Is Manifested



  1. Your feelings are not the source of how you manifest money, they are not responsible for how you create and experience it.
  2. Your feelings are a source, though –a source of information.  Your feelings are a source of information about whether or not your beliefs about money are aligned with your desires for money.
  3. Your current beliefs about being worthy of experiencing money as you truly desire is the source of what money is for you (how you experience it).
  4. Your entire experience of money is a reflection of your current beliefs about being worthy of having money as you truly desire.


If the voice in your head ever says things like this to you about money:

  • “How dare you?”
  • “Who do you think you are?”
  • “Why are you so greedy?”
  • “What makes you think you’re so special?”

That is what money is in your universe.


Money “is”:

  • Something for other people but not you
  • Something you’re not worthy of
  • Something you’re not special enough to have
  • Something you’re greedy for wanting
  • Something you should be ashamed of desiring
  • Something you’re too “spiritually evolved” to chase


Question: What do people typically do to change their experiences with money?


All those Newtonian Manifesting strategies involve doing something to become worthy of having the money you truly desire.

All of those strategies say, “You are not worthy of money because of how money is.  And you need to become as worthy of money as money requires you to be – based upon money’s inherent, pre-determined qualities and characteristics that you must match.”

Actually you aren’t currently worthy of having the money you truly desire, but not in the way you’ve imagined:

  1. Believing you’re worthy or unworthy of money has absolutely nothing to do with how money is. Money has no inherent, predetermined qualities.
  2. Believing you’re worthy or unworthy of money has absolutely nothing to do with how worthy you really and truly are of having money! Your current beliefs about being worthy or unworthy of money are merely some rules passed along to you when you were about three years old.  These rules, which we call beliefs, are not independently true and you are not required to keep them as an adult.


Section Three Take Away:

  1. There is no such thing as “the way money is”; money “is” nothing except how it’s reflected back to you.
  2. Money is reflected back to you according to your current beliefs about being worthy of experiencing it as you truly desire.



Section Four: How to Quantum Manifest More Money


There is no such thing as ‘the way money is” and you experience money only as a reflection of your current beliefs about your worthiness of experiencing it.

Money isn’t the problem you need to correct.

Your current beliefs about being worthy of experiencing money as you desire are the problem.  And that’s a problem you can correct because your beliefs are changeable.


Question: What have you, as an enlightened adult, decided to believe about money?


Many people think ideas like these have become their beliefs about money – due to constantly repeating them:

  • “Money is abundant”
  • “I am worthy of having more money”
  • “Having more money is not greedy” 


Here is a litmus test for what your real current beliefs are about being worthy of money.  Read the following:

“Someone who believes herself worthy of having the amount of money she truly desires has the amount of money she truly desires.”


If you felt any degree of defensiveness about that statement, you have just been informed that your true, current beliefs about being worthy of experiencing money as you really desire are not what you’ve been telling yourself they are.

But don’t worry; your beliefs are merely a set of rules given to you during your childhood.  Your beliefs are stored in your subconscious brain.  Your true beliefs will never actually change unless you gain access to your subconscious brain.  You can only gain access to your subconscious brain by telling it the truth – by speaking its language of emotional honesty.


That’s what playing “Grow a Greater You” shows you how to do – learn to speak the subconscious brain’s language of emotional honesty.  Which grows your beliefs about being worthy of money into alignment with your desires for it.


Quantum Manifesting financial abundance is done by being financial abundance.  By raising your beliefs about being worthy of financial abundance into alignment with your desires for it.

And when you are financial abundance, when your beliefs about being worthy of it are now aligned with your desires for it, casting new reflections of money just happens.

Because mirrors reflect – that’s what they do.  And mirrors reflect what is in front of them; mirrors reflect the source of the reflection.


Here is your Quantum Manifesting homework:

Decide what your specific money desires are and write them down.  Write down how much money you desire and why you want it.  Be specific!  And then write down exactly how it makes you feel to perceive how far apart your money experiences are from your money desires.

Most people keep their money desires nebulous and unspecific because that’s the easiest way to keep their pain of believing yourself unworthy of experiencing them to a minimum.


Section Four Take Away:

  1. Your true current beliefs about money are probably not what you think them to be.
  2. Your true current beliefs about money are always being reflected back to you in every experience you have with money.
  3. If you are displeased, in any way, with your current reflections of money, and wish to manifest more of it, all you need to do is change the source of those reflections – your beliefs about being worthy of experiencing money abundantly.