frank-gasparro  Pennies.

They’re cool.

They represent the energy of abundance (if you allow them to).

And they are garnering more attention and acclaim because of my Penny Experiment that Pam Grout included in her best-selling book, E-Cubed.

The Coolest (and Easiest) Money Experiment You Ever Heard Of

My Penny Experiment is all about manifesting pennies and then (privately) celebrating them as if you were just handed a billion-dollar winning lottery ticket.  Shout hosannas to the heavens for the spirit of abundance that little penny represents and for your gratitude to the quantum field for reminding you of two things:

  1. How easy it is for the quantum field to manifest absolutely anything at all
  2. How incredibly and magnificently abundant the quantum field and, thus, life is

You Turn on the Fountain of Money by Celebrating the Penny for What it Represents (Not for Its Purchasing Power)

That penny, which you just contextually created, is your chosen totem of financial abundance.  And your gratitude for that penny’s reminder resonates with the quantum field (and your subconscious brain).

By celebrating that penny’s representation of abundance you are taking what might have been a mundane, ordinary material object and revitalizing it – intentionally allowing it to infuse you with the grand energy of opulence, possibility, potential, and plentitude!  The quantum field and your subconscious brain read and respond to such energy with pleasing effect.  And you’re the reflections of your beliefs provided you by the quantum field grow all the more pleasing.

It’s a fantastic experiment.  I dare you to try it!

Here’s Proof that Pennies Are, Indeed, Perfect for this Experiment

And if you need any convincing that pennies are, indeed, special, look no further than this post.  Pennies are, in fact, NOT the veritable fruitcake of the currency world.  I’ve compiled some little-known penny facts to bolster my claims and tempt you to try my experiment.

  • Have you ever examined a penny closely?  You can see the initials of the sculptors who designed our pennies on them.  Frank Gasparro’s “FG”, for example, has been next to the shrubbery just right of the Lincoln Memorial since 1959.
  • To bolster your confidence about manifesting a penny, know that there are more than 150 billion pennies out there for you to contextually create in your own unique, individual universe.
  • Amp up the celebration when you manifest a penny, by the way, since pennies were reduced in size by about one half in 1857.  Thus, your manifestation of a penny on the sidewalk is a bit more of a challenge to “see” today than it used to be.
  • We all know that Honest Abe is currently depicted on the penny.  Lincoln’s home state, Illinois, is the only state which allows you to use pennies at tollbooths.  As you manifest your pennies, you’re doing Illinois a favor by keeping Abe’s memory alive.
  • Don’t think a penny truly represents abundance?  Did you know that you’re holding quite an investment from the US Government in your hands when you pick up a penny?  It actually costs more than one cent to make a penny!  I’d say the penny must be pretty important to warrant that level of financial commitment, wouldn’t you?

What Are You Waiting For?  Turn on the Fountain and Start Manifesting!

Don’t wait.  Start manifesting pennies today.  And celebrate them as a reminder and a representation of the infinite potential and abundance of the quantum field.

Just as Pam Grout, I, and thousands of others are doing.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…