Toilet paper holder  Here’s one of my favorite stories about perspectives.

A monk is sitting on the toilet, enjoying his morning constitutional.

He reaches for the toilet paper and tears off a few sheets.

Before he wipes himself, however, he notices an ant on the sheets.

He then flicks the ant off the toilet paper with his index finger.

Later, he thinks about the ant.  From the ant’s perspective, the monk figures, getting flicked across the bathroom was the greatest tragedy that had ever befallen it.

Unless, he muses, the ant could know what the alternative would have been!

Remember today: calling something “good” or “bad” is usually merely a matter of your perspective(Click that link to Tweet it) And, knowing that, why burden yourself by deciding that anything is “bad”?

Instead, you can reserve your judgment entirely.  You can choose to tell yourself, “I lack the global perspective to know how this falls into the grand spectrum of life’s unfolding.  Today I will choose to make no judgment about this and trust that things are happening just like they’re supposed to.”

That story takes the handcuffs off the universe because it clearly sends the expectation to the quantum field that you are okay and that you expect things to continue to unfold in a beneficial way in the long run – despite what might look like a tragedy in the near term.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…