worn out  I got home at 7 PM last night.  I was wiped out.

Before my sons and, more importantly, I could go to bed, however, I had the following chores which needed to be done (or supervised):

  • Dinner to serve to my boys
  • A sink full of dishes to do
  • Three school lunches to make
  • Three boys’ beds to make
  • Four baskets of laundry to fold

And my poor wife was ill and resting in bed.

To top that off:

  • My youngest son was mad at me
  • I discovered one sons’ pull-chain had been yanked from his overhead bedroom light (and needs to be replaced)
  • I discovered one sons’ box spring’s wooden frame was split and he needs a new box spring
  • I was running on five hours sleep, had driven six hours that day, needed to rise at 5:30 AM the next morning, and, quite honestly, just wanted to go to bed

Feeling sorry for me yet?

How Could This Happen to Me?  Doesn’t the Universe Know Who I Am?

Aren’t I supposed to be a master of deliberate creation?  How, then, could I have an evening like that one?  Aren’t I some kind of wizard of my material reality?

(I laughed out loud as I typed that by the way)

Two things come to mind:

  1. I, like you, experience unwanted things.  Building new beliefs which are aligned with my desires doesn’t mean that things always unfold just as I would’ve written the script. (Click that link to Tweet it)
  2. I didn’t have these experiences last night because I “desired” them or “made them happen”.  I am not responsible, in that manner, for my unwanted circumstances; I don’t purposely create them.

But, and this is very important, I am responsible for my responses to them.  As in, I get to choose the stories I tell about any life event and there is no mandate that my stories must make any event (even an undesirable one) “bad”. (Click that link to Tweet it)

What Law Dictates That I Must Call Undesirable Things “Bad”?

Here is the story I told myself last night about those undesirable circumstances:

“Although I would have preferred to walk into my home, find everything done, and gone to bed early, I can believe that these circumstances are really not as bad nor insurmountable as they seem at this moment.  Additionally, I can choose to feel grateful that I have the ability, energy, and resources to resolve these circumstances with minimal drama or hardship.”

Telling myself that story (instead of some version of “This sucks; this isn’t happening the way I want it to!”), did more than change my state of being.  That story, literally, changed the circumstances themselves.  In short order, those circumstances were no longer problems, but opportunities to:

  • Be a problem-solver for my family
  • Improve my sons’ quality of life
  • Help my wife rest and recover from her cold
  • Be a cool dad and handyman
  • Be a responsible homemaker and care provider

Why Would Insist on “Telling It Like It Is” if Telling It Like It Is Feels Bad?

And I’m sure you can imagine that having those beliefs not only changed the meaning of the circumstances, but also felt 100% better than the alternative, “this sucks”, perspective.

I hope you are joining me today in telling yourself stories of your choosing and, thus, reforming your beliefs.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…