Medion   DIGITAL CAMERA  What’s the most troubling area of your life?  The area where you are experiencing the greatest divide between your material reality and your desires?

That divide is painful, no?  It is for me.

My divide?  Financial abundance.

Is It Possible for Someone to Find Gratitude From Not Having What They Desire?

Yet I’m grateful for the pain I feel from the divide between my current manifestations of financial abundance and my desires for it.  I’m also inspired by that divide.

Why?  Am I crazy?  Do I enjoy frustration?

Nope.  It’s because I’ve learned to see my pain as a signal that my desires continue to grow.  Just as I expect them to. (Click that link to Tweet it) That I am not done playing this amazingly fun game called “Grow Myself Into a Greater Version of Greg”.

I hope my example allows you, too, to find gratitude and inspiration from your divide and the pain it causes.

Money, Money, Money

You see, approximately ten years ago I was over $800,000 in debt (due to some very poor business decisions).  More about all that in an upcoming book, by the way.  What did I do to change my material reality concerning money?

  1. I diligently applied myself to the process of growing my beliefs just as I teach in my books and this blog.
  2. Today, ten years later, we have relatively no debt, two beautiful homes, a secure retirement, and money saved for short, medium, and long-range goals.  And we will be taking vacation trips to the Bahamas, Seaside, FL, and France this year – all without going into any debt to do so.

So, given the last entry above, why do I say that financial abundance is my greatest divide?  Why, when I experience financial abundance today that is beyond my wildest dreams from ten years ago?

And why does the pain from my financial divide make me grateful and inspire me?

You Mean Life is a Game?  Yep…and a Fun One If We Want it to Be.

Because, through this wonderful game I get to play each day called “Grow a Greater Version of Greg”, I’ve found that, as my desires are realized (by growing my beliefs to match them)…my desires continue to grow.  I’ve come to understand that greater desires are natural and normal reminders that I’m not “done” yet.

Today I desire greater financial abundance for a variety of reasons

  • So I can give more to help others
  • So I can offer my children greater educational opportunities
  • So I can drive nicer cars
  • And, quite simply, because it’s fun to grow my beliefs and achieve goals

I hope you take a moment today to find gratitude for the divide between your current material reality and your desires. (Click that link to Tweet it)  After all, that divide is not only your signal that you, too, can grow a greater version of yourself (by growing your beliefs), but also serves as your inspiration to do so.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your experiences with your desires…