angry driver    I was taking my son home from some minor surgery just last week. Driving down the road, I noticed a car honking furiously at me as I passed. At the next stop light, I opened my window to talk with the other driver, thinking my trunk must be open or I had a flat tire.

Much to my surprise, the other driver began to angrily berate me about speeding in a school zone. I had been oblivious and was embarrassed – my first reaction was to apologize to the other driver, admit my lack of awareness, and thank him for calling my attention to it.

But I never got the opportunity.

I Was An “Ass” Before I Ever Got the Opportunity to Be Anything Else

The other driver never gave me a chance to respond. Instead, for no reason I could discern, his anger only grew and he was soon cursing me out. As I drove away, he was calling me every name in the book as my son and I sat there stunned. We were never given the chance to make any kind of response.

Talking about it with my wife later, we remarked that this driver was probably telling stories later about the “a-hole” driver he got in a confrontation with.

And we also agreed that this gentleman’s stories were true.

For him. In his individual universe that he is creating.

That Man, Like You and Me, Chose The Stories He Told – He Just Made Painful Choices

But his stories didn’t have to be angry and painful.

To the contrary, if that man had maintained his calm, he would’ve had a far different experience – a pleasant experience, in fact. That man would be telling stories about the nice driver who thanked him for reminding him to drive safely.

And, of course, those stories would be true also.

For him. In his individual universe that he is creating.

Because we really do create our own universes, through our expectations and our states of being. That other driver was looking for a war and he found one. Even though he was the only soldier fighting!

Like Professional Hide-and-Seek Players, We Always Find What We’re Looking For

And just like that driver, we will also always find what we are looking for.

What are you looking for today?

  • A war?
  • A confrontation?
  • Disappointment?

Or are you looking for

  • Hope?
  • Friendship?
  • Freedom?

Whatever your state of being is today, I am confident that you are well equipped with the most powerful and effective energy for creating positive, enriching, and uplifting experiences: your aligned beliefs.

I Don’t Wish That Driver Any More Pain – Yet I’ll Certainly Learn from His Example

My wish for that other driver is that he will become better acquainted with the gap between his beliefs and his desires. No one with aligned beliefs will ever find it necessary to cause themselves that much suffering.

In the meantime, you can learn from that driver’s example.

Don’t cause yourself suffering today; use your stories to create aligned beliefs and expect the best out of life.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques about how to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…