How to Control the Weather

Sunny Day  You are an immensely powerful creator.  But can you control the weather?

Sort of.  And, also, “yes”.

Are You a Weather Wizard?

Sort of?  I don’t believe you can reliably and repeatedly make it rain or make the sun shine on command.  Yes, you do create your material world through your observations (and, more importantly, your expectations),.  But I don’t believe you have such an immediate authority over the weather outside.

Yes?  I do believe that you can, however, assign any meaning you choose to the weather you encounter today.  How does that count as a “Yes, you can control the weather”?  Keep reading.

What Will the Sunshine Really Do For You?  An Important Question for Deliberate Creators

Think for a moment about why you would want the sun to shine on a cloudy day.  Because of what it would allow you do, right?  Enjoy the outdoors, play outside, brighten your mood, garden, golf, etc.

But dig deeper about why you would want the sun to shine on a cloudy day.  Isn’t the deepest reason because of how it would make you feel?  And how the activities the sunshine would allow would make you feel?  Happy, uplifted, joyous, free, open, spontaneous, etc.?

Me. too.

So…what if you decided to feel those feelings the sunshine would give you – right now?  Regardless of the clouds, the gloom, the rain, or the grey overcast?

How You’re Actually More Powerful Than the Weather You See Outside Your Window

Wouldn’t feeling those “sunshine feelings”, regardless of the clouds, make you more powerful than the actual weather?  Wouldn’t that remove the power the current weather holds over your state of being?  Wouldn’t that decision, in actual practice, make you the master of the weather – wresting back control over your state of being?

So, in this way, isn’t it true to say that you are, in fact, capable of creating your own, personal “weather”?  So, yes, you can control the weather!

And, with practice, I’ll bet you a copy of my new book that you’ll find that adopting the practice of creating your own, personal sunshine (in this manner) also prompts the “actual” sun to shine through the clouds.  Just for you!  The universe listens and responds to your feelings and the beliefs which drive them. (Click that link to Tweet it)

And stay tuned to this blog for my techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics…

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  1. Very interesting. Its about root cause (or root effect?). If the purpose of A and B is to provide you with C, and C is what you are looking for, then it should not matter how you get your C. You can arrive at C in any number of ways – A and B are just among the list of possibilities.
    Thank You Greg for this. It’s great analogy.

  2. recently i am very successful at creating my reality..i have provided myself with lots of successful experiments and with time my confidence to create own reality has soared way high. so high that i began to direct my energy in weather controlling. and i believe the sudden changes in weather was created by me, since it happened exactly as i wanted it to be..and i had not a pinch of doubt when i wished with satisfaction, imagination and with confidence.

    • I appreciate your confidence, Rigzin. And I have no doubt about the veracity of the experiences you’re describing.

      I almost always choose to stop short of promising a reader that she can learn to manifest such immediate and noticeable influence. Because, of course, everyone’s experiences will be different and, for many, such influence will take quite a lot of practice. I don’t ever want to consciously make promises of personal power that are not a common experience.

      Having said that, however, I know just how real such influence is. Once someone has spent enough time (which will vary for each of us) practicing the principles of deliberate creation.

      Please stay in touch and thank you for sharing.

  3. being a buddhist,i believe in human power. learned monks can make rain as and when requested..i myself believe without a doubt as a lay person that i have created own weather quite a few times.

    • Creating weather has never been something I’ve had a strong desire to do. I enjoy the surprise each day of weather brings me.

      Thank you for sharing how you have been able to manifest your desires; I’d enjoy hearing more about your experiences.

  4. I’m 37 years of age and some, I realized MANY, MANY years ago, I NEVER get caught in rain. Somehow, the rain always stops, like when I have to get out of my car. ALWAYS! I can remember a few occasions where I was about to be in rain. While shopping in an urban area one day, with my car parked several blocks away, a cab was right outside the store and I hopped right in, sharing the fare with a couple in the same position. Another instance, going into a mall salon to provide a training class before opening time, (I’m a salon trainer), the manager surprised me and was waiting outside with an umbrella! I can share a hundred stories like this and always in my favor! Ever since I was a little girl but recognized the “coincidences” after repeated patterns into my adulthood. So cool!

    I know this doesn’t relate to the article ‘exactly’, but I’m sure you get my point.

    Thank you for your articles and books. Very enlightening and entertaining!

    • Thank you, Nicole, for taking the time to share your energy with me. It does relate to this article – because you have been creating your own, personal weather.

      How cool. And what a wonderful gift.

      Thank you for allowing me to share, vicariously, your pleasing material experiences. Material experiences which are, and always will be, a mirror-perfect reflection of your beliefs. Since this reflection is so pleasing, I am certain that your beliefs in this area of your life are beautifully aligned with your desires. Awesome!

      And thank you for your praise. I am honored to be given an opportunity to be of value to you. I didn’t arrive in your universe with a pre-determined meaning and value – you made the decision to imbue with such.

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