How to Change Your Life with One Turn of a Phrase

Clapping Hands  Want a simple, yet immensely powerful, way to employ the new paradigms of quantum physics in your life?  Right now?

Try this today.  Every time you criticize (in your head or out loud), stop and replace that criticism with praise. (Click that link to Tweet it)

It doesn’t matter if you’ve uttered the criticism already; stop yourself, correct yourself (without beating yourself up), and replace that criticism with some kind of legitimate praise.

What will happen?  You’ll change your focus from what you don’t want, don’t like, and don’t have.  And, instead, you’ll be appreciating the appearance of what you want and like through other people, places, and things.

And what you focus on is what grows!

Try this trick today and, if it doesn’t make a dramatic difference in your life, come back here and tell me.  I’ll send you both of my books for free!

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips about using new paradigms from quantum physics…

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    • Hello George. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      Here is a big reminder, straight from “Grow a Greater You”: your task is to always tell the best-feeling, believable story possible.

      Your task is NOT to tell good-feeling stories. Nor to NOT tell stories that are all sunshine.

      If you want your stories to be believable (to your subconscious brain, so you can begin aligning your beliefs with your desires) it is very important to acknowledge how you really feel. Always. That means when you see “no sunshine” in a material experience, your believable, better-feeling story needs to acknowledge that by having phrases like “Although I truly do not like this…”, “Even though this feels really bad…”, or “Although it’s hard for me to see anything in this that doesn’t just suck…”

      Making your stories believable, in this manner, satisfies your subconscious brain’s need to hear “the way it is” acknowledged. Before you add your best-feeling possible element – such as saying, “…I know this material experience is merely a reflection of the beliefs I carried with me into this moment and not a reflection of ‘me’ or my worth or value…” or “…I do know that I’ll survive this, I can learn from it, and like everything – this too shall pass…”

      So relax. When there’s no sunshine – simply acknowledge that. Simply acknowledge the information you’re receiving about how your current beliefs are not aligned with your desired outcomes regarding that material experience.

      I hope this helps.

  1. This is an excellent reminder of the importance of changing our focus, as well as of how simple it is to turn our lives around almost instantly. Recently I wrote an article about this very subject and shared an epiphany which helped me to shift my focus and have a greater influence over what situations I allow into my experience. It’s truly amazing how this simple action on our part can have such powerful effect on our lives. Thanks a million Greg!

    • Thank you, JC. I’m honored that you not only stopped by and shared with me, but also that you’ve allowed me to be of value to you.

      We all create our own unique version of every aspect of our material reality. For many years I pretended that I had no choice because things are “just the way they are.”

      Thank goodness that’s not the way our universe really works. And thank goodness we now know that the way our universe really works is all about empowerment and freedom. As soon as we are open and willing to embrace that, it is all ours (and always was).

      Thank you, JC!

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