How to Be the Most Genuine Fake Ever

Wild eyed southern boys  I know a retired professional wrestler.  He wrestled with Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant in the World Wrestling Federation during its heyday.

The first time we talked about his colorful past, can you guess what my main question for him was?  “Is professional wrestling fake?”

His answer?  “Yes and no.”

Professional Wrestling is Fake?  Perish the Thought!

Yes, it is fake because professional wrestlers meet before their matches to choreograph them and decide how the pre-determined winner will triumph.  And, yes, because professional wrestlers use stage-combat skills to create the illusion of physical blows and (most of the time) mute the actual combat.

But, no, because professional wrestlers do perform the physical stunts you see and they do fly around the ring and smack the mat (and, sometimes, the hard arena floor).

I recommend that you, as you practice what you’re learning about changing your beliefs to create a more pleasing physical reality, take a cue from professional wrestlers.

Professional Wrestlers Have Created a Blueprint We Can Follow

Focus on re-forming your beliefs by telling better stories about your life experiences that choreograph desired outcomes.

Yet also understand that life will be happening and presenting you with unpredictable and, from your perspective, sometimes difficult to understand circumstances.  Yet, although you’ll be “performing your physical stunts” and “hitting the mat for real” during your day, just as professional wrestlers do, you’ll already know that these intermediate experiences are simply part of the drama.  You already know the final outcome because, like a professional wrestler, you’ve already scripted it with your new stories.

Just like a professional wrestler, since you are influencing the ending with your new beliefs, you don’t have to sweat all the little twists and turns of the “match”.  And stay tuned to this blog to learn more about how to create a more pleasing reality…

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  1. New beliefs aren’t as hard as most people think. One thing that babies have in common is they come into this world expressing Love and Ecstasy the highest express on this plane. They do not have to try to be loving that is who they are. As they grow, they learn to suppress these higher emotions based on what they observe and the stories they tell.
    Love and Ecstasy are emotions we do not have strive to attain, as they are inherent in all human beings. I have notice that after I identify myself on the list of emotions shared in “How quantum physicists build new beliefs” I notice an interesting thing happening I NATURALLY move up to the higher emotions. Just like bubbles in a glass of soda. They naturally rise to the top. This is the same with our emotions once we stop resisting we naturally raise to higher emotions.
    Moreover, each of these emotions is like a tuning fork. As we feel and experience these emotions, we create things that are in vibration to those emotions and through these emotions we create our reality.

    • Hey Brian. Thank you very much for making your presence known.

      I think its wonderful that you’re finding yourself naturally moving to the higher emotions on the emotional reference chart. Neither myself, nor people I’ve worked with, find it that easy to do when trying to manifest long-held (yet long-absent) desires. I have found that “bugaboos” (a term for our long-held, yet long-absent, desires) do require new beliefs to manifest.

      And I have found that our subconscious needs to be slowly coaxed and eased into new beliefs – just like the story of how I coaxed the wild rabbit to my back porch in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs.

      Quantum physics clearly shows us, additionally, that it is our expectations which form our material reality. Not our emotions. As demonstrated in the famous double-slit experiment.

      Our expectations are formed, unconsciously, from our beliefs. Thus our expectations often do not match up with our top-of-mind, conscious desires.

      And, thus, if we wish to manifest something we haven’t been able to before, we need to align our beliefs with that desire (so the unconscious expectations formed by our new beliefs will also be aligned with that desire).

      I hope that helps clarify what cutting-edge science has to say about being intentional creators of our material reality. Please continue to share your experiences here.

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