cow-manure  Here’s a great story to remind you that, almost every time, whether something is “good” or “bad” is merely your perspective.

One October a Robin decided to stay up north for the winter.  His friends all told him he was making a mistake and begged him to come south with them.  But he was resolute in his decision.

After all his friends left, the Robin lived it up; he had no competition for all the food and he loved it.

Soon, however, the weather turned cold.  It wasn’t long before the Robin realized he’d made a mistake and couldn’t survive the winter.

So he took flight for the south, hoping he wasn’t too late.

Unfortunately he quickly realized he was too late; the temperature was too cold for him to fly and his wings were freezing up.

Unable to continue his flight, the Robin plummeted to the Earth – all but completely frozen.

As he lay on the ground, the Robin felt his heart giving out. 

And, just as his heart beat its last, a cow walked over him and pooped on him.

“Oh great!,” thought the Robin angrily, “A final indignity for me!”

But the warmth of the poop revived the Robin.  Soon he was awake again and chirping excitedly as he flew south – this time at a lower altitude.

And the moral of  this story is: not everyone who poops on you is doing you a disservice.

Try to remember the Robin’s experience the next time something happens to you that you don’t like.  Remember that you lack the overall perspective to know whether something is “good” or “bad”.  In fact, you can choose to withhold any judgment at all about anything that happens to you.

If you choose to withhold declaring that something is definitively “bad”, you keep open, for yourself, the infinite possibilities always inherent in the quantum field(Click that link to Tweet it) And you continue to allow the quantum field to do what it does best: continue to allow your life experiences to unfold just like they’re supposed to (even when that includes what feels like a roller coaster ride).

And stay tuned to this blog to continue to read about new perspectives from quantum physics that can help you align your beliefs with your desires…