thomas_paine  Would you like to have the answer to virtually any question?

Even the big questions like what is the purpose of life or what is my purpose?

Or the smaller questions like who will win the Super Bowl next year?

You can.



Stop!  Meditation Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word

Wait!  Before you click off this page, saying “Who has time for that?”, I’ll show you a way to meditate that you can do easily and unobtrusively every day. (Click that link to Tweet it)  But first…

Thomas Paine famously wrote, in The Age of Reason (which I highly recommend, by the way), that anything we hear without having experienced for ourselves is hearsay.  Paine was criticizing, of course, the church and organized religion (or, at least, people’s reliance upon these institutions for their spiritual development and understanding).  That’s not why I invoke Mr. Paine here, though.

I invoke Thomas Paine to highlight the question: why should anyone ever rely upon someone else’s teachings regarding who, or what, God is?  Why should anyone ever presume to tell us what God is all about and what God wants of us?  (I use the term “God” here, by the way, to refer to the universal mind or source energy of all life – not in a dogmatic way)

Why, indeed, when we can meet God ourselves.

Hey God, I’ve Heard So Much About You…

How do we meet God?  Meditation.  Which is another word for listening.  Meditation involves quieting and stilling our brain, turning off our constant, incessant inner dialogue.

When we meditate we listen to, instead of talk at, God. (Click that link to Tweet it)

Certainly you can meditate by finding a quiet space and actively stilling your brain for fifteen minutes or more.  This is powerful and I highly recommend it.

Yet you can also meditate during your regular daily affairs, without disrupting your normal activities.  And you can meditate in this manner as often as you like.


Your Brain Ain’t God.  And It Ain’t You Either

Stop your narration.  Stop your inner dialogue.  Simply observe and do – without your constant internal narration.  Have no thoughts, except as related to the task at hand.

This takes practice; our brains love to talk!  It’s how they reinforce the illusion that they are “us”.  I suggest, therefore, being gentle with your brain – don’t berate it.  Simply tell it, “I won’t be needing you right now, my friend.”

What will you find when you really listen in this manner?  You’ll find God.  Or the universal mind.  You’ll be in direct communion with the ultimate intelligence and source of all wisdom.  And, with practice, you’ll find (and feel) answers to all your questions.

Psst…It’s the Minnesota Vikings…You Heard It Here First!

The purpose of life?  Yep, I’ve heard from the universal mind on that one.  But why rely on my answer to that question; find out for yourself by asking God directly! (Click that link to Tweet it)

And about the Super Bowl winner?  I’ve found that God usually says, “How much fun would life be if you knew stuff like that before it happened?”  But if you hear differently, please contact me so I can look like a clairvoyant to my friends!

And stay tuned to this blog to learn more techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires…